10 most Hollywood movie sales “crisis” the first half of 2018: the race is fierce

10 most Hollywood movie sales “crisis” the first half of 2018: the race is fierce
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It can be said, 2018 is a golden year of cinema village when consecutive release of blockbuster movies. Let’s take a look at 10 of the highest revenue reached 30/5/2018 according to Box Office statistics.

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10, Maze Runner: The Death Cure ($ 284.9 million)

The Maze Runner: The Death Cure was critically acclaimed by movie critics, but that did not stop the movie’s fans from going to theaters. The Death Escape earned $ 58 million in domestic revenue and $ 226.9 million in international revenue. Movie franchises are worth about $ 900 million worldwide.

9, Pacific Rim Uprising (US $ 288.4 million)

Pacific Rim Uprising (Pacific War) continues to be a fight between robot Jaeger and Kaiju aliens as part 1. This film received no good response from the US market but was well received. in the international market when sales reached 288.4 million.

8, A Quiet Place (314.2 Million USD)

The film is directed by John Krasinski, co-writer, actor and wife – actress Emily Blunt, A Quiet Place is considered the most unique horror film at the moment. Supernatural takes place in the future, when aliens invade Earth, Krasinski’s small family must be silent at all times if not killed by alien creatures. With only $ 17 million, A Quiet Place has exceeded expectations with $ 314.2 million worldwide revenue.

7, Peter Rabbit (US $ 341.6 million)

The story of Peter the rabbit Peter of Sony film sales reached $ 115 million in the US and $ 226.6 million from other markets. That’s not a bad movie with a $ 50 million production cost.

6, Fifty Shades Freed ($ 368.3 million)

Part 3 of Fifty Shades made the professionals extremely upset when they only rated 13% on Rotten Tomatoes. However, the fervent fan of 50 novels still pulling together to the cinema to see the movie, resulting in sales of $ 100.4 million in the US alone and $ 267.9 million in the international market. . The total revenue of the 50 series is up to $ 1.3 billion worldwide.

5, Rampage (2018) (413.7 Million USD)

Rampage is a testament to the power of any Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson film. In the film, Dwayne plays the biologist Davis Okoye who looks after a young silverback gorilla. Due to an accident from the lab, the gorilla was transformed into a monster. How does Davis protect the city from the destruction of monsters, while saving his gorilla friend?

With a budget of $ 120 million, Rampage has earned $ 413.7 million and is expected to continue to grow in the coming weeks. Although this number is not enough for the film to be listed in the blockbuster, but it has brought a decent income for Warner Bros. and maintained the status of A-list star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

4, Deadpool 2 (503 Million USD)

Deadpool is the genre of “R-rated” (violent, sexually-oriented, sexually explicit) films that are “blowing in the air” in North America. Although the film is a superhero, but the technique and action is not the destination that it is headed for, though it is well invested, especially in part 2. The focus of the film is the dialogue and hidden images, with all kinds of “swirling” direct character, film, producer ….

In this part 2, the mercenary mercenary is selfish, self-contained, and never open to anyone except Vanessa’s girlfriend who will face what he has always considered taboo: the family. Parallel to the task of rescuing the grieving teenage kid from Cable’s evil future, Deadpool struggles to find a “family” artifact called to him. And this time, no matter how resilient he may be, he will not escape the power of the so-called fate. The excellent film grossed $ 503 million on the global market so far.

3, Ready Player One (579.1 Million USD)

Adapted from the novel with Steven Spielberg’s masterly direction. The film is set in the future, when the Earth is exposed to the impact of environmental pollution, population growth, climate change … In the face of these burdens, people are looking for fun from the real game Virtual OASIS. The virtual arena has received positive feedback from film critics and audiences. The film has grossed $ 135.7 million from the US box office and $ 443.4 million from the international market.

2, Black Panther ($ 1.35 billion)

So far, movie strategists have learned to not doubt the success of the film produced by Marvel. Everybody guessed that the Black Panther would be a superhero before it was released, but it was unlikely it would be so successful. The hero of Wakanda is critically acclaimed as the best comic book adaptation of all time with $ 1.35 billion in revenue.

1, Avengers: Infinity War ($ 1.92 billion)

The winner of the rankings today is none other than the Avenger: Infinity War. The film grossed $ 257.7 million, topping the highest grossing film ever, Star Wars: Spirit of Awakening, and hit a record for both sales domestically and internationally with $ 1.92 billion.

How do you see the super sales rankings in the first few months of 2018? “Day of the month” the remaining half of the year promises to be equally vibrant, you prepare money gradually go home.

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