10 things you need to know about Deadpool 2

10 things you need to know about Deadpool 2
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Deadpool 2016 has brought us moments of excitement, and the film has also achieved admirable success for its debut. Following on in the first part of this 2018, Deadpool continues to make a comeback with the hope that it will get a bit more out of the first half. Find out everything related to the second part of the R-rated movie – Deadpool has the highest sales ever. This time!

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After years of sleeping under Fox, Deadpool has proven himself to be a “dead” monster. There are mixed opinions, but Deadpool is X-Men’s highest-grossing movie, which has won the hearts of audiences and critics alike. Of course, the film will be part 2 with the participation of two more characters coming out from the comic. So what will Deadpool 2 be like? Who will attend? Which character will return? How does Deadpool 2 connect to other X-Men films?

Day at the theater

Deadpool premiered during the 2016 Valentine’s Day, at which point it almost did not have a competitor. As a result, the film broke the box office record for the X-Men movie series. However, Deadpool 2 will be released at a different time with its predecessor. Fox is trying to perfect the movie and get ready for the summer, blockbuster season. Deadpool 2’s scheduled release date is 1/6/2018.

Rating of the movie

Rating is one of the most controversial elements in the development of Deadpool. Directed by Tim Miller; Writers, producers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, and star Ryan Reynolds insist on producing Deadpool as a R-rated movie, but they faced the rejection of 20th Century Fox’s chief executive. . The two sides reached an agreement: The film will have a rating R, and film costs will be cut. The CEO could not foresee the future of Deadpool: becoming the highest grossing R-rated movie ever.

So the audience can definitely expect a Deadpool 2 still R-rated but bloodier, more violent, more cursed, and even nude scenes.

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The director of the film

Tim Miller announced the departure of Deadpool 2, and after a few weeks, his position was replaced by David Leitch. David Leitch is an experienced stuntman and an outstanding coordinator who has co-directed John Wick and Chad Stahelski. Fans are looking forward to the action and the eyes and the violence comes from the direction of Leitch.


I know about the movie, the ratings and director of the movie. What is the story of Deadpool 2?

Today, when a superhero has his own movie, usually that movie will tell the origin and origin of the superhero. This process is quite time consuming, especially when it comes to building a connected cinema universe, but this is also the most effective way to introduce a character to the masses. The first part of Deadpool gave the audience a sense of origin, power, mission and a clearer definition: how Deadpool is character. Once the foundations have been fulfilled, writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick will be able to come up with innovative ways to develop this extremely interesting character.

At this point, there is still no information on Deadpool 2’s official plot, but two characters will appear and play a major role in the movie: Cable and Domino. It looks like Deadpool 2 will not be adapted from any comic that will own the same content as the previous one.


One of the most famous characters in Marvel Comics, Deadpool has a lot of interesting elements to exploit and sometimes the elements are rather weird. This character has saved the world from aliens, blocking the zombies in the shape of the former president of the United States, even going to the multiverse to kill other versions of himself. However, the two scripts of the movie have said that fans should not expect too strange or complicated script, but with the presence of Cable and Domino sure the content will be a little weird. .

Who is the cable?

Cable is one of the most complicated characters in the Marvel Comics universe. First introduced in 1986, he was introduced as a child of Cyclops and Madelyne Pryor (a copy of Jean Gray). Because of the experiments of Thanos and Mister Sinister, Cable was infected with a form of deadly virus. No other choice, Nathan Summers (real name of Cable) has been sent to the future where therapies exist. As a mutant capable of moving objects and telepaths, Nathan grew up and adopted the name Cable. He even traveled time back to the past to prevent a terrible future.

This character will be shown by Oscar-nominated actor Josh Brolin. Interestingly, Brolin is currently playing the role of evil MC Thanos.


Although there is no complicated past as Cable, Domino is also an interesting storyteller. Domino appears for the first time in New Mutants # 98, at the same time as Deadpool. However, this is not a real Domino, but a copy of Copycat, also known as Vanessa, the true love of Deadpool in the beginning.

As one of the experiments of government secrets and also a mercenary, Domino has the ability to change the probabilities of events occurring in his or her sight (eg, the enemy’s weapon is broken. , the enemy press buttons on the modern equipment, the heavy objects suddenly fall, …). Show this character is actress Zazie Beetz.

Funding of the film

Deadpool has a small budget ($ 58 million) compared to other superhero blockbusters (The Avengers: Age of Ultron has spent $ 250 million). After Deadpool’s victory, many argue that Fox will spill money into Deadpool 2 but according to filmmakers, investing more in the next is not a smart plan. Rhett Reese has confirmed that Deadpool 2 will cost no more than $ 150 million by putting Deadpool on a blockbuster production line.

Will Deadpool 2 connect to other X-Men films?

In the first part, Deadpool once mocked that only two mutants appeared in his film and “worried” about the number of students attending Professor X’s talented school. So all of the mutants on Charles Xavier’s side will not be able to appear, but we can all hope that the movie will have the key to connecting with other X-Men films.

No Good Deed

Ryan Reynolds did not have the opportunity to participate in any related films as Deadpool, so he teamed up with Deadpool 2’s filmmakers to give the fans a special gift. Short film No Good Deed talks about the anti-hero mouthpiece trying to be a superhero and dress up in a phone booth, while babbling. No Good Deed is not directly related to Deadpool 2, but it is very funny and fun to meet Deadpool in another situation.

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