101 things to know about the “Ant-Man and The Wasp” blockbuster before watching the movie

101 things to know about the “Ant-Man and The Wasp” blockbuster before watching the movie
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Before going to the cinema see the pair of Ant-Man and The Wasp to screen the screen, please review the information has been revealed by the film maker!

Ant-Man and The Wasp is Marvel’s third superhero movie to debut this year, followed by Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War. This is also the sequel to the story of Scott Lang, a guy with armor that can zoom in on his body at will. In Part 2, Scott and his new team mate Hope van Dyne must fight against Ghost enemies capable of crossing walls, and rescue Hope’s missing mother from the super-quantum space small.

Here are the clues about the movie was released by the manufacturer in the past:

1. Ant-Man no longer blood after the Civil War and want to spend time for girls

In Captain America: Civil War (2016), Ant-Man is a very active member of Captain America. Although the group was imprisoned after the clash at the airport, however, at the end of the movie, they were rescued by captain Steve Rogers escaping detention in the sea. The brief but ardent adventure in the Civil War has left Scott Lang unattended. In Ant-Man and The Wasp, he is being supervised by the government and spending most of his time with her little daughter.

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2. The Ant-Man faction will develop a device to help enter the quantum space

When using Ant-Man or Wasp armor, there is a great risk that the wearer may shrink too far and enter the quantum space – which is considered a “non-return”. In the past, Hope van Dyne’s mother, like the first Wasp, was stuck here trying to neutralize an atomic bomb. However, in the Ant-Man (2015), Scott Lang successfully zooms in even though it is lost in quantum space, opening the hope that Janet van Dyne (Hope’s mother) is still alive and can be rescued. . The director of Peyton Reed said: “This miniaturized device will be like a small explorer, or a Sikorski helicopter.”

3. The quantum space will be explored more in part 2

Quantum space is an extremely dangerous place where the nucleus and atoms change ceaselessly. At the beginning of Ant-Man, the viewer only glimpses this space in minutes, but to the second, they will see a lot. Producer Stephen Broussard said: “Traveling in quantum space is like exploring the universe, absolutely another world.

4. The villain Ghost possesses armor to penetrate and stealth

The main antagonist of Ant-Man and Wasp in Part 2 is the Ghost Evil, with white armor with two extremely dark eyes. Ghost’s armor uses the devices she stole from Dr. Hank Pym, and allows the wearer to go through walls as well as stealth. With such potential benefits, Ghost will certainly be a non-trivial obstacle for the main character duo.

5. Opponent of Dr. Hank Pym

Another character to be introduced in Ant-Man and The Wasp is Dr. Bill Foster, a former scientist and colleague of Hank Pym. Bill has a grudge against Hank Pym due to his constant competition, so it’s likely that this new character will be one of the villains of the second part of Ghost. It should be added that in the original comic, Bill Foster later became Goliath’s superhero with his massive body, so fans should not overlook this character.

6. Dr. Hank Pym has a very exciting new lab

One of the coolest images in the Ant-Man trailer and The Wasp was Dr. Hank Pym’s miniature miniature building that shrunk down to the size of a suitcase and dragged it away behind him. As revealed by the manufacturer, his new lab, which was erected from scrap materials such as automobile shrapnel, also housed in the conveniently compacted building.

7. Humorist Luis opens a security company

Luis is a mouth-watering boy with a cheery smile that is very popular among fans. Part 1: Like Scott Lang, he used to have a stealing time. In Ant-Man and The Wasp, however, Luis changed his life by opening a security company. More particularly, among Luis employees are those with criminal records, including Scott Lang himself.

8. Janet van Dyne could become a villain after years of being trapped in quantum space

Janet van Dyne is the wife of Dr. Hope Hank Pym, mother of Hope as well as the first super hero heroine in Wasp. Scott Lang and Hope will enter the quantum space to rescue her, but they will have to ask: How can Janet survive the many decades of stuck in this space? In addition, the film’s producers have come up with a clue: Janet’s return may have a very different consequence than what Dr. Hank and Hope hope.

9. The troubles in Ant-Man and the Wasp will only start with a minor incident

The film’s producer, Stephen Broussard, said: “The first part was about the theft of Ant-Man and Yellowjacket armor. Then from a small conspiracy, everything starts to develop into complete content. We want the Ant-Man series to follow this motif: only from a small incident a big problem arises and things go out of control. ”

10. Yellowjacket will not return in part 2

Yellowjacket is the antagonist and main antagonist of Ant-Man in the first part. At the end of the film, he is shrunk down by Ant-Man and destroys the armor control panel, causing the Yellowjacket to fade and eventually disappear. Many fans hope to reunite with this antagonist when Ant-Man and Wasp enter the quantum space in the second, however, according to the crew revealed, the Yellowjacket will no longer come back.


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