11 points difference between “Power Rangers” (2017) movie and TV series

11 points difference between “Power Rangers” (2017) movie and TV series
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11 points difference between “Power Rangers” (2017) movie and TV series

Based on the 1993 television series, “Power Rangers” made a change to fit the movie.

Saban’s new Power Rangers movie is set to open up a new superhero universe for the company. Targeting older audiences, the film has a series of dramatic changes from the original, which has long been associated with the lives of many generations of audiences. Here are some of the most obvious differences.

1. Zordon

In the 1993 television edition, Zordon is an Eltar mage who specializes in the evil forces of the galaxy. Ten thousand years ago, Zordon clashed with Rita Repulsa and sealed it, but the price was also stuck in a glass tube. Zordon created the superhero badge to help him fight when Rita returned.

Meanwhile, the Power Rangers’ Zordon does not create superheroes, but he himself is a superhero. 65 million years ago, Zordon’s team was destroyed by Rita. Alpha 5 combines his soul into the spaceship. The new Zordon appears as a high-tech face in the wall.

2. Rita Repulsa

Rita Repulsa was originally a powerful sorcerer under Lord Zedd. 10,000 years ago, taking advantage of Zedd’s absence, Rita came to earth to occupy this planet is own. However, she is defeated and confined by Zordon in a trash can floating in space. After being freed, she immediately returns to take revenge and create the green superman as the wrong hands.

Jump to the big screen, Rita Repulsa became the green superhuman of Zordon. Due to her desire for strength, she betrays her team in order to take over the Zeo Crystal and destroy the Earth. Zordon blocks Rita but in return is the sacrifice of the party. After waking up, she continues to search for the crystal Zeo to complete her plot.

3. Rita’s Staff

Rita’s stick in the television image has the moon at its head. This is the symbol for her moon lair. This statue is used by Rita to perform evil magic as well as make the giant manipulators.

In the movie, Rita’s staff consists of green pearls instead of the moon. Its power is more like a superhero’s weapon than a witch’s stick.

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4. Headquarters

Twenty-four years ago, Zordon’s headquarters were shaped like an ancient castle in the middle of the desert. This place was built by Zordon at the same time as the superhero badge to fight when Rita returned.

The headquarters of the supernatural in the movie is the alien spacecraft Zordon and his team brought to Earth 65 million years ago. It is hidden in the rock at an abandoned mine to explain why no one has found it.

5. Personal life of young superheroes

The movie version of 1993 is aimed at children, so that 5 super brothers have a “pretty clean” biography. They are all typical students of the town with great achievements and always happy, harmony.

Power Rangers (2017) is aiming for bigger audiences and wants to build a psychological depth for his characters. So the superhero group turns into five students … one of a kindergarten. Everybody has a problem in their life with the correct age of their teen.

6. Transformation

This detail probably does not need to be addressed to long-time fans of the Power Rangers movie series. Superheroes shout slogans and transitions are extremely easy thanks to the superhuman badge. After the screening is the stage … personal dance and say a few lines of philosophy of humanity that something makes children happy.

To the cinema, the transfiguration of the supernatural is more complicated. Possess badge to help them have health, speed as a superhero. However, in order to own the armor, the warriors must really trust their teammates. The process of transformation also becomes so arduous that these five young people must truly understand and wholeheartedly for one another. Currently, they can only be transformed at Zordon’s headquarters and do not need to shout slogans or poses.

7. Apparel

One of the most significant changes of the Power Rangers against the original is the costume. Compared with the latex suits, the new superheroes are equipped with armor to keep up with the times. The motifs are also completely changed and only retain the hexagon in the chest to suggest the original. Of course, in addition to fashion, the new armor also increases the ability to defend and fight for the superhero several times.

8. Megazord

Like the armor, the Zord and Megazord (superhuman robots) also have significant visual enhancements. The robots look less … sticky meat than the old version quite like toys. Megazord has a completely different look and is quite similar to Transformers. However, it is not as bad as the previous disparaging comments, but it also makes the movement more smooth and true.

9. Goldar

Goldar is one of the most powerful warriors under Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd. He had many fierce confrontations with superheroes. However, as he steps on the big screen, Goldar is only a creature summoned by Rita to search for the Zeo Crystal. Instead of being an alien warrior whose face is quite like … Godzilla, Goldar into a giant made of gold. A pretty bad change of the film.

10. Rita’s henchmen

For the low-budget version, these extraterrestrials are hand crafted as much as possible. They are simply actors dressed in bundles and masked and some funny action shows “dangerous.”

The 2017 edition marks a significant change for these maneuverers as they are made up of several stones combined. It is still a “whiskey beer” for superheroes, but in terms of image and horror has been increased many times.

11. Superhuman badge

The superhuman symbols of the 1993 edition created by Zordon over a period of 10,000 years on Earth. They have the image of the animal representing the power as well as the Zord that this superman summoned, such as Teardrops, T-rex, flying dinosaurs … At the same time, it helps the superheroes to transform in any way. where.

Movie versions, these superhuman badges are just different colored stones representing the colors of superman. They give the chosen person more power than him. However, the fact that they help transfigured supernatants without the headquarters is still a big question mark.


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