12 absurdities in the Harry Potter blockbuster

12 absurdities in the Harry Potter blockbuster
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In this article we have written about turns out 25 secrets about harry potter, then in this article we continue to write about things that hardly anyone can doubt this billion-dollar work is inevitable ” few beads “.

Throughout the Harry Potter series, J.K. Rowling has brought us a world of excellence and more than ever. But anyone who suspects this billion-dollar work is still inevitably “a few bears”

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1. How can they not use any invention?

The series was written between 1991 and 1998, so it is understandable that witches would not know much about the internet or similar technological inventions. But, by 1994, the search engine was born and popular enough for witches to know and think about it in the direction of “Hm, maybe we should offer a sort of magic to classify and Looking for information from the old mold book? ” And first of all, technology should start with the witches and wizards who do not have any communication equipment. Sirius Black probably survived the series if he had a cell phone.

2. Why can not everyone have a wonderful portrait of themselves and live forever in that portrait?

According to the extracts, a portrait of the character’s ability to talk, move and use objects requires a painter to draw a portrait and only portraits of the positions. The great new master and great insight of their portrait was painted before they died. After that, they “enter” all of us. That is the first aspect. Everyone can also have a magical portrayal of himself and spend his life teaching the portrait of himself. So, after the parent dies and leaves the orphan, they can still exist in some way to talk to their children.

3. Why J.K. Did Rowling put the clock back in the work?

This is probably a controversial tool. No one reads The Prison of Azkaban without thinking, “Huh. If they could go back to the past and save Sirius, why did Dumbledore not go back in time to save Lily and James Potter? ” On the internet there are many episodes where J.K. Rowling put the principles behind the truth. But, just dropping the details of the watch back in time, then we have a more conventional and reasonable story than magic.

4. And is Hagrid’s father just a spoiled person or something else?

Rubeus Hagrid is half as a mage, half as a giant. His father – a man who had a relationship with his mother – a giant. If all giants were like Grawp – big, silly and like an animal, this is a weird situation. Just sit back and think a little in this direction: Hagrid’s dad went deep into the forest and … hm … relationship with a monster.

5. If Fred and George had a map of the thief during The Chamber of Secrets, why did not they use it to find the person who opened the room?

The secret chamber does not appear on the map but the toilet contains the entrance to the room. After the first student was petrified, did you think that Fred and George would take the time to search the map and find out their little sister had left signs of the attacks and usually Going to the haunted toilet where everyone is away?

6. Why did Hogwarts send the students to the castle with an animal-drawn cart that could only be seen if the student had witnessed death?

What is the effect of distinguishing students who have witnessed death and how embarrassed they are? This is really a terrible way to start the school year.

7. Why did Malfoy try to make friends with Harry when they first met?

At their first meeting, Malfoy tried to persuade Harry not to make friends with Ron, but rather to become friends with Malfoy and his friends. I noticed that Malfoy might have wanted to be friends with a famous student, but his father always supported the one who tried to kill Harry. So it is strange to think that the relationship between the two boys can be good. Even when Malfoy’s father thought that Voldemort had died and had no grudges against Harry, there was still controversy, so Draco’s mind was confused.

8. Why are not they more careful in educating Slytherin students?

Many people may have proposed dissolving the Slytherins. This seems impossible. After all, not all of the Slytherins belong to the dark side, but, obviously, all the dark wizards are from the Slytherins. Therefore, Hogwarts should double the number of moral lessons. Maybe instead of teaching too many kids about how to fight, they should try to prevent the evil students from becoming more evil.

9. Why did Harry think he could open the letter in front of the Dursleys?

That was the first letter the boy received so that he came again and opened it in front of his “terrible” family? Stupid!

10. Why was Moaning Myrtle cast to a 37-year-old actor?

The character Moaning Myrtle is played by actress Shirley Henderson, and if the name Shirley Henderson is not impressive to you, you need to know that the actress is too old to play a girl in 2002. Although Shirley Henderson is a good actress and she has a “terrible” voice like Myrtle but it’s hard to understand when they let an older actress play a role as a schoolgirl. If casting directors can give an explanation for this choice then Article 10 will be removed, but before that it is still on the list.

11. Ron and Hermione’s kiss is the most “clumsy” kiss

Throughout the series, even starting with the two 11-year-olds, they have romantic situations. We expect them to come together, and to the last part, when death and danger are near, our two stars pass through and have the first kiss. And I can only see the wet head of Rupert Grint? Oh, calm down.

12. And finally, the most irritating thing in the series: the actress who takes on the role of a young Harry, does not have Harry-like eyes.

Let’s talk about this detail. This is the last part of a billion dollar film adaptation from a billion series. Throughout the film, characters often refer to how Harry has his mother’s eyes. The fact is that this is the only reason Snape turned away from the Death Eaters and tried to protect the child of true love throughout his life. Harry Potter and Lily Potter have the same eyes as a highly emotional element. So when filmmakers need to find an actress who plays young Lily Potter, they ought to skip acting, just hiring an actor to portray the similarity. Who did they choose? A girl with brown eyes does not look like Harry Potter at all. Unfortunately!


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