132 Movies – The Top Movies

132 Movies
132 Movies
132 Movies – The Top Movies
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132 Movies – The Top Movies. Watch 1.000 movies Full HD Online Free now.Free Movies for movie lovers. New movies are constantly updated. You will be immersed in the endless entertainment world. Watch these movies right away!

132 Movies
132 Movies

132 Movies – Watch Movie Free Online

1. The Shining

I was kinda surprised when I heard that Stanly Kubrick had made a horror film and that it was The Shinning was a big shock to me. Kubrick is one of my favorite film makers and after I saw 2001 and Clockwork Orange I had to see his other movies. I had heard a lot about this movie and kinda a lot of the scenes but I really didn’t remember this movie that well. So I rent the movie and watch it as soon as I got home and loved it. This is one of my favorite movies even though I really do not like the horror movies. Jack Nicholson give his best performance(have not seen One Flow Over The Cuckoo’s Nest).

Sherry Duvall and Danny Loyd do better good but I didn’t like their performances. The thing I didn’t like about this movie is that the shinning in the story is wear the Danny can do a lot of telepathic things with his head, which I thought was kinda random. Even though that the things I didn’t like about this movie really bug me I still love this movie. This is a great movie if like to see another Stanley Kubrick film or just want to watch the one of the best horror films out there.

2. Pride & Prejudice

Having attended a regional charity premiere last night I can safely say that the actors chosen have more than succeeded in bringing their characters to life. This adaptation hit the perfect note every time in terms of humour, romance and warmth. Keira Knightley plays a wonderfully spirited Lizzie and MacFayden really hits the spot as a dour yet shy Darcy. The whole cast throw themselves into their roles with gusto and overall the film left this viewer charmed and delighted. Its obviously going to have a tough time proving itself to those who loved the BBC adaptation as that seems to have become for so many THE adaptation of the novel, but give this one a chance, those that don’t will be missing out. Sorry to keep this brief but I don’t want to be accused of giving anything away!

3. Blade Runner

Blade Runner is one of those movies you either get or you don’t. Some people find it bizarre and disturbing. My father loves this movie and I watched it for the first time with him. Blade Runner is complex and entrancing–the special effects still blow me away. The gritty world created by Scott in this film is so believable that I wanted to become part of it. Many fans of Dick’s writing hold the movie up to the book, pointing out “mistakes” and other changes the script makes to Deckard and to the plot, but I think this is an erroneous argument. Scott’s film shows us a realistic portrayal of what city life might become, and focuses less on the man vs. machine theme of the book. The two should be enjoyed as separate works, for each is superior in its own way. Scott’s Blade Runner is film noir meets sci-fi, and the result is magical. Vangelis’ floating, mysterious score doesn’t hurt things, either; in fact, without it, I dare to say that the impact of the movie would not be as great.

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4. The Terminator

This quintessential marker of the decade may be modest in terms of its budget. But it’s certainly epic in terms of its ideas. A piece of action-packed “tech stuff” on the surface, “The Terminator” comes a very long way from simply being a stylish noiresque chase movie with some time travel elements thrown in to spice it up. Because, first and foremost, this stuff is thoroughly rich in meaning. In essence, it’s a superbly told tale of a lone warrior on a doomed mission who is given only a fleeting moment to share with the only one of his life. While desperately trying to protect her and everything human in human beings from forces so overwhelmingly destructive that they seem to be on par with the will of the gods in Greek tragedies.

And the powerful background, permeated with a sense of impending fate, against which this drama is unfolding, apart from helping to deliver a serious and convincing message, somewhat unexpectedly turns it into one of the most poignant and poetic love stories where love conquers time and space and the moment becomes eternal. So this picture should be named among very few actually substantial and emotional fables produced by the department of mainstream entertainment as it sets off on an infinite journey far beyond the confines of a genre and beyond the infinite. Watch 132 Movies very great.


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