List 14 famous movie theaters you can not ignore in the world

List 14 famous movie theaters you can not ignore in the world
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You are passionate about travel, you want to discover all about the culture, customs of countries around the world. Visiting the famous tourist attractions, enjoy the food featured each place you go, it has become an indispensable part of your trip already.

But you know you lack something that we think it is quite interesting for your trip. That is breaking into the famous cinema in the country where you stop. That is not a bad idea at all. Do not skip it!

According to the comments from people you watch and have the habit of watching movies online on Netflix, the world is now the cinema can make you no longer interested in watching movies at home anymore.

Because in the world there are movie theaters are always know how to attract film by designing his cinema as a warm room with comfortable chairs, and even bed. . Others have the style of serving people who come to the cinema with style like a restaurant with food, aromatic drinks instead of popcorn, traditional sweet drinks.

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And here are list 14 famous movie theaters you can not ignore in the world that you should once experience if you have the opportunity to visit them.

Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, Texas

At first it was The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema. It was the first movie booth in Austin, Texas in 1997. To date, the Alamo Drafthouse has had 22 theaters across the United States. When you come to the Alamo Drafthouse, you will experience the most luxurious cinema in the world are applying and developing. A fairly comfortable seating, good food and drinks are the things you can experience at the Alamo Drafthouse.

Cineteca Matadero in Madrid, Spain

Cineteca Matadero is a cinema built on the foundation of an old slaughterhouse, and is now a movie theater, a great place to watch blockbusters. is being released here.

Cine-de-Chef in Kathmandu, Nepal

You have to watch the movie that in the movie theater you still feel like you are in a luxury restaurant, enjoy the delicious food from the chef famous. However, in order to have that experience, the fares here are not all that people can afford, but it says a lot of money when this place is spent to give viewers a back seat. giant skin. No other cinema that is Cine-de Chef in Kathmandu, Nepal. The cinema also has another cinema in Seoul, Korea.

Castro in San Francisco, California

With a beautiful architecture architecture of Spain makes people think of Europe rather than Northern California. With large auditoriums accommodating up to 1400 people and the films shown here are almost in the classic. So Castro in San Francisco is an ideal movie theater for nostalgic readers.

Thisio in Athens, Greece

You are familiar with the rooms of the cinema, there is no reason not to try the wind with the cinema outdoors. Enjoy the outdoor ambience with gorgeous views, view the view from the cliffs of the Acropolis and the famous Parthenon of Greece. Have you ever seen a movie that you can watch the whole scene again?

Cinémathèque Française in Paris, France

When viewed from outside, Cinémathèque Française looks more like a museum than a cinema. Because it is part of a museum dedicated to the history of French cinema. Here, in addition to screening the film, is also the exhibition of exhibitions and theaters. Cinémathèque Française is highly regarded for its history of French cinema.

If you love French cinema do not miss Cinémathèque Française!

Colosseum Kino in Oslo, Norway

The Colosseum Kino is one of the largest cinemas in Northern Europe. The design of the circular dome here will give you a particularly good sound quality. This is something you want to experience, but you have to go to the big theater like Colosseum Kino and not be at home. Do not be surprised that the Colosseum Kino is the most searched cinema on the web of the world.

Electric Cinema in London, UK

A cinema located in Notting Hill, London, the Electric Cinema is a combination of the beauty of an old cinema with modern comforts. The cinema, built in 1910, has recently been upgraded with large and comfortable seats, even with beds available, and there is also a bar with full The food served to visitors to watch the movie again.

New Beverly Cinema in Los Angeles, California

It does not stand out when you look at the appearance of New Beverly Cinema, but it is dominated by the owner of the cinema. And no one else is Quentin Jerome Tarantino – film director, screenwriter, producer, and American actor. He bought it in 2010 and turned it into a very attractive and special movie theater.

Cinema Nitehawk in Brooklyn, New York

Nitehawk Cinema is a movie theater that features the best of modern filmmaking and classics in the neighborhood of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The cinema is small in size but when you come here to watch movies you still experience the luxury seats, the special food to drink to the movie.

Mandir Cinema Raj in Jaipur, India

Raj Mandir Cinema – The pride of Asia, this place is like a magnificent palace, dreamed of welcoming visitors since 1976, and built in Art Moderne style – a rare style that very Unless you can catch it.

Cine Acapulco in Havana, Cuba

It was built around 1958 in Havana, Cuba. That is why Cine Acapulco is in existence at another time. But Cine Acapulco is currently showing its latest movies.

Sun Picture in Broome, Australia

Next to the world’s longest outdoor cinema, it was built in 1913. When it was first opened, only silent movies were available. The difference in this open-air theater compared to other movie theaters is that Sun Pictures will have multiple displays for multiple movies simultaneously. This will give you the best experience.

Chinese TCL Theater in Los Angeles, California

Chinese TCL theater is a symbol of Hollywood, one of the most famous cinemas in the world. “Star Wars,” one of the most popular films ever released here. In addition to experiencing the famous blockbuster movies, tourists to watch the film can also watch the footprints and fingerprints of famous movie stars are located outside the theater.


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