15 secrets about Pitch Perfect that you don’t know

15 secrets about Pitch Perfect that you don’t know
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15 secrets about Pitch Perfect that you don’t know

Everyone knows Pitch Perfect is a trademark musical acapella attractive modern and captivate the audience, but few know behind the film exists secrets “dark.”

Pitch Perfect 3 is the final film of the brand this cult movie musical. Pitch Perfect 3 achieve the same success as the previous section, marked a turning point that the series has done the unthinkable: reviving an art form, creating millions of fans and earn hundreds of millions dollars.

However, behind the aura of Pitch Perfect has many secrets behind the scenes. After the release of the film, the cast and crew of the film had to share a few stories in the manufacturing process is very unexpected and interesting. Here are 15 secret “dark” about Pitch Perfect.

Acapella training program

Pitch Perfect

When filmmakers Pitch Perfect casting for the film, there are many factors to consider. Singing and dancing are two major factors, but pretty much the actor has been chosen mainly because … their sense of humor and only a few people have had experience singing before.

To get all characters in the film uneven in quality, the entire cast was taken to Baton Rouge, Louisiana. In the next month, they have undergone a rigorous training session capella.

“I think the hardest part of me singing. Anna Camp as Aubrey, told PopSugar in 2012. “To just promoting your capabilities, and really get along with a group of girls is not easy.”

2. Scenes of Rebel Wilson bath and Adam Devine

Rebel Wilson and Adam Devine had a relationship humor but no less romantic in the film. However, more than once, the couple was too far, Adam Devine told Vulture in 2012. “We leveraged this relationship a little emotional …”. Both had a common shower scene hot and steamy but ultimately this scene was cut and not be projected onto the film

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3. sing fight Scene by the pool

Scene-off of riffs Perfect Pitch is one of the most iconic scenes in the film and that is one of the most difficult scenes for actors and film crew. They’ve actually had a memorable night pool party. Skylar Astin told Movieviral in 2012: “we were shooting in an empty pool is really very dirty, but it looks so pretty on film.”

4. Homemade burritos “bay” between the air

While Fat scene Amy stuck to burrito, Rebel Wilson turned to go back many times.
To get the footage “was Burritos” standard of need not adjust the Rebel Wilson had to accept sacrifice this dish being thrown up so many times. Even the film’s Director and principal must also directly violate a scene until it reached the size of movies such as Italy and the result is both the Director and the actors were sticking Burritos mercilessly.

5. Anna Kedrick not recorded before the live vocals, live most of the scenes in the movie

For the majority of the musical, the actors record their songs in the recording studio and then synchronize the cage into the processing period. This is true for most of the production process on the Pitch Perfect the first part. However, for the scenes when Anna Kendrick sang live directly. Kendrick spoke with Collider in 2012. “Because I think an emotion is something lost a bit in the recording process.” -Anna.

6. The success of Pitch Perfect 2

Pitch Perfect first is a pretty big success. Though made with a relatively small budget of 17 million dollars, but it has achieved a revenue of over 65 million dollars.

The success of the first film, however, was once again totally obscured by the Sales Office of watch Pitch Perfect 2 online free. Universal Studios is only the second film budget of 29 million. Although this level is still lower than the average of Hollywood, but the incredible thing is part 2 back outstanding revenues compared to the first film.

Indeed, when the Pitch Perfect 2 launches in the first week were carrying about 69 million. The sequel is being planned is going to continue to earn more than 184 million u.s. dollars.

7. Some songs too “ghastly”

Despite the incredibly talented cast of talent and a training camp capella lasted a month, but some songs were removed from the film because no one can sing. Elizabeth Banks explained in an interview in 2000 with Time magazine. “Sometimes we find that there are things to try but could not do it.” there have been quite a lot of songs were cut from the film Pitch Perfect. The original script had the 17 songs were put into scenes riff-off but is cut to 8 because … does anyone know the song and also to prevent the film to pass the budget.

8. supposed to riff off the screen there will be many more music genre

Landscape riff off originally filmmakers have prepared for a lot of things. In total, there are 13 different types appear in the off-riff and some of them quite outrageous. Others include; “Black Michael Jackson”, “White Michael Jackson”, “TV Theme Songs”, and the film country ‘duo The Judds country the 80s. ”

9. The Green Bay Packers were really playing himself in the movie!

The emergence of the Green Bay Packers member at competitions riff-off is an interesting focal point in the film. What’s even more surprising is that the Packers already own singing for the film. Not everyone is a fan of cameo as writer Kay Cannon, Cannon told Vanity Fair in 2015 that: “My father died while I was writing the sequel, he enjoyed the Green Bay Packers.”

10. An adult film “fake”

There is a moment in the scene strange humor Bumper told the rest of the trebles that he would become a friend for John singer Mayer. When he entered the living room, there are seven members Treble sitting in a hot tub together. It is even more strange, because they were all watching a movie for adults artificially constructed for the film.

11. Almost the Cups (When I’m Gone) did not appear in the film!

Cups (When I’m Gone) is the most famous song appears in the film Pitch Perfect first, but almost, it has been removed. Elizabeth Banks told USAToday: “The song feels like something really despicable and not serious.” But finally Anna Kedrick made sure she could make the song shine and true that so.

12. Ester Dean wrote a song for Rihanna

In the scene in Pitch Perfect riff-off first, the girls have to sing a song Bellas about sensitive topics. This leads to two of the Bellas, Cynthia Rose and Stacie to begin this category by singing “S & M” by Rihanna. This is a choice satire since Dean Dean, who plays Cynthia Rose, who actually wrote the original song for Rihanna. Despite being a music artist was established and appeared in several cartoons, Dean had never been in a live-action film directly.

13. Amy Poehler and ideas about the character Fat Amy

Pitch Perfect writer Kay Cannon spent five years working with good friends Tina Fey and Amy Poehler’s Park and Recreation. In fact, Poehler gave her the idea to name the character Fat Amy.

“The name comes from Fat Amy Amy Poehler when you’re pregnant,” Cannon said in an interview with Collider 2012. “I said,” How do you feel? “She’s really small and it looks like,” I can not tell anyone. I do not feel good. I was tired. I felt like Fat Amy roll up in my body. “I like that!” And the name Fat Amy was born from there.

14. Aubrey vomiting Scene

One of the most impressive scenes in Pitch Perfect is the scene of Aubrey vomiting. Props for the drama group using pineapple juice, tomato juice, and chicken soup to create a realistic texture. Anna Camp in an interview with Collider 2012 said: “When I read it in the script, I was like,” I have to get this girl because I’d thrown everything out. They had a pipe in my face, and then they have a tubing under my chin, and a stuntman with a button. It’s very powerful, and I am very scared. ”

15. Adam Devine audition without preparing any

Pitch Perfect

When BECA Bellas audition, she did not know she should prepare a song. Although this is a planned part of the film, the same thing happened to Adam Devine in real life, because he does not know what movie he was auditioning.

“I think it’s a baseball movie, and so I did not realize that participatory singing,” Devine said in a 2012 interview with E! News. “When I got there and all the men handsome singing OMG I thought, ‘I’m really in trouble.’

They asked me to sing a song and I explained, “I’m not really a singer,” and they told me that “You have to sing a song” So I sang great. Until now I still do not understand why I get the role. “


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