17 interesting facts that surprise you about the blockbuster “Wonder Woman”

17 interesting facts that surprise you about the blockbuster “Wonder Woman”
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You know the movies have their own interesting. And Wonder Woman is no exception, so what is the most interesting thing about this DC blockbuster? Do you want to know it?

Wonder Woman, also known as Diana Prince, finally has a movie for her own. Gal Gadot is the recipient of this iconic role in the latest movie in the DC Extended Universe, which will premiere on June 2 this year.

Here are the 17 interesting superhero blockbusters waiting for Wonder Woman. Let’s explore with moviebox.live offline!

1. Gal Gadot’s screen test with Ben Afflect in Batman & Superman helped her get the role

In Wonder Woman, the film is directed by Patty Jenkins, actor Chris Pine plays Steve Trevor, Diana’s lover. But, for Gal Gadot, her character has previously starred in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, starring opposite Ben Affleck.

Charles Roven, the producer of both DC films, was confident Gadot would be a great Wonder Woman soon after she auditioned for Batman v Superman.

“That casting gave us the enthusiasm and the power, and of course her charm,” Roven recalls. “Gadot has all the qualities we want in Wonder Woman: pure, complex, and all the traits of the two extremes, showing strength but still warm and convincing. Actually, she has it all, and of course, she is very pretty. ”

2. Starting at the present time

The main setting in the film was mainly determined at the time of World War I, but the opening sequence will be about 100 years later, that is, with the familiar image of Diana Prince doing. Work in the Louvre Museum, Paris as in Batman v Superman.

She received a package from Wayne Enterprises, along with a letter from Bruce Wayne. Inside is an old photo (those who have seen Batman v Superman know this detail) the same message to Diana: “This picture does not belong to her, but it is her. I hope that one day you will tell me your story. ”

All of Diana’s memories flashed up after reading it, and she reminisced about everything from time to time, bringing the audience back to her childhood in Themyscira. With the ending of the movie of course not revealed, the opening also serves to connect Wonder Woman to the timeline of events in the Justice League.

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3. The film has many villains

For Diana, her only enemy is Ares, the son of Zeus and the god of war. However, in the context of World War I, we have other enemies: Doctor Poison wears masks – villains appear in DC’s Wonder Woman comics and General Ludendorff (played by Danny Huston), a character that seems to have been inspired by history, since World War I also had a German commander in chief, Eric Ludendorff.

The role of Steve (Chris Pine) in the movie is to stop Lundendorff and Doctor Poison from spreading poison to the whole of Europe, killing millions. Diana decides to join him because the Amazon tribe fights peacefully, on the other hand, she thinks the plan is directly related to Ares.

4. World War I was chosen for many reasons

According to DC’s story, Steve Trevor’s fall to Diana’s island was in World War II. So why did the film decide to change the timeline? Producer Curt Kanemoto said that they chose World War I because it was the first time that countries competed in arms fighting in a war known as the “War for the End of All Wars.” In addition, this moment allowed the film more opportunities to express its social views, as Diana’s appearance in London in 1918 was also the first year in which women in Britain stood up for democracy.

5. Diana was born to be the “killer”

At first, Diana did not realize the great power of a goddess she possessed. At the beginning of the film, viewers are back to the beginning of Amazon’s history. It was the time when Zeus ruled the Earth and the son of Ares enraged the human heart, causing them to turn their backs on one another and cause wars. Zeus must resort to the help of other gods. The goddess of love, Aphrodite, has created the Amazon line – the warriors of warfare carry the mission to protect peace.

This only helped keep things going for a while, then Ares began killing other gods and nearly killed Zeus, until Zeus repulsed Ares and created the Themyscira. He has left a “killer” for this country, the only weapon that can defeat Ares. This is not just a normal weapon, it is Diana, the secret child of Zeus to Queen Hippolyta. She is a god and capable of destroying Ares.

6. Diana’s aunt also coaches her

Wonder Woman is Diana’s mature story, helping her realize her power and learn to use it properly. Initially, Diana was secretly trained by the warrior ace Antiope (played by Robin Wright), and this time she was skeptical that she possessed greater powers than she imagined. In a duel battle, Diana injures his aunt and marvels at everyone, it goes beyond what a human can do and shows signs of the power of a god.

7. Prepare for the epic battle on the beach

After the American fighter pilot Steve Trevor, an Allied spy, crashed his plane into Themyscira, he was chased by German troops to shore. This was the beginning of a large-scale battle at the seashore between Amazonian female soldiers on a saddle with bows, names, spears, swords and German soldiers using guns, shells, weapons which the Amazon has never seen. The battle in Italy is promising to be immense on the big screen.

8. Steve was tied up by Lasso of Truth

Wonder Woman’s famous weapon has been used several times, including for Steve Trevor when he was brought into the Queen’s Palace in Amazon and forced him to reveal the truth about his mission. As a spy, Steve was trained to never tell anything, but it was completely useless for the Rope, which could get people tied up and tell the truth.

You can see the audience after the movie, how to comment on the film through the article:

9. Gal Gadot and Chris Pine will be the perfect couple on screen

The movie is the story of Diana Prince’s journey to Wonder Woman, but also the story of Diana’s love for the first time. No one else was the first man she met Steve Trevor, the pilot who crashed into her island.

Roven explains why they know Chris Pine is the perfect match for Gal Gadot’s Diana. “He was the guy we wanted for the role right from the start … We thought they would really be a great couple and interacted together on screen, and we felt The media is aware of this. ”

10. Diana acts for good

The story of the origin of Wonder Woman follows closely the theme of power that must be accompanied by responsibility. Diana’s young girl in Wonder Woman carries a holy heart, and she acts for one reason – Amazonian warriors were born to help humanity, their power to maintain peace. Part of her journey with Steve is to help her recognize the bad side of people. Diana must learn to love human faces, while Steve and his ardent teammates learn to respect not only Diana’s strength and courage, but also her compassion. .

In one incident, when Diana learned of the siege of Veld, including many women and children in danger, she immediately wanted to help. Despite Steve’s refusal to ask her to continue her mission, the superhero survives alone against the Germans to save the town.

11. You will not want to miss Ludendorff’s party

Diana Prince’s costumes are always gorgeous when she disguises herself to be in a lavish party. Prior to the events of Batman v Superman for so long, she kept her sword behind her charming blue skirt at Ludendorff’s gala, which meant that the gala was an important episode in the movie. . In order to get this dress, Diana knocked unconscious a woman at another party and took her dress. The dress is classic in Greek style but still looks modern.

12. The movie has a lot of humorous elements

Do not expect Wonder Woman to be a Deadpool comedy, but can be sure the movie has more humor than Batman v Superman. According to Roven, “I think the plot of the movie has both humorous, serious, romantic and interesting intertwining. It has all these weaknesses, and we really think it’s an entertaining movie. ”

There are a lot of cool humor in the relationship between Steve and Diana, the situations that two characters face when entering the world of each other. Diana had seen Steve selling himself naked to look after him when he was injured at Themyscira, and Steve, on the other hand, found Diana struggling to wear the cumbersome London clothes of 1918. “How can a woman fight this costume?” Diana wondered, both curious and unhappy at the inferiority of contemporary social women.

13. Clothing meets all functions

Lindy Hemming, who won the Oscar for Best Costume Design, has designed a number of massive costumes for the movie. Director Patty Jenkins wants to cast different races and looks for the Amazon ladies, and their armor is made of leather, not metal. Wonder Woman’s suit is made from rubber material, but there is still room for other functions.

Another thing is, since the film had to balance between two locations, the warm summer of Italy in April for the Themyscira scene and the cold winter in London during World War I, the costumes also had to meet two conditions above. Lead actor Gadot also has his own costume for the movie. With his experience in the Israeli Defense Forces for two years, Gal Gadot wants his armor to be comfortable to perform action scenes. Designer Hemming decided to use fur to keep the suit warm and soft.

In addition, Wonder Woman also has a cloak to wear when moving between Themyscira and London, helping her avoid the attention of people from the armor strange on her. Designers have come up with the idea of ​​designing a gown to match the look and feel of the character.

14. We will learn why Diana is alien to humanity

In Batman v Superman, Diana once told Bruce Wayne, “About a hundred years ago, I had left the human world, leaving the horrible century. Humans have created a world in which people can not stand together. “Bruce responded to her,” Humans are good now. We fight, kill and betray each other, but we can still start again. Everyone can do better. We will be better. We have to be better. ”

The next time we see them together is in Justice League, but in Wonder Woman’s first solo, we will know what makes a holy girl, full of faith and hope. Eager to become skeptical and ready to abandon humanity.

15. The film desires both entertainment and inspirational

How do Wonder Woman performers like to receive the film? Producer Roven said, “We definitely want the audience to have fun and have a great time enjoying the movie, but more than that, we want them to get more inspiration when they leave the theater. Although the film is produced in a way that is entertaining to make a lot of money, what we want to convey is the current status quo. It would be great if after seeing the people are really touched by some scenes and inspired, Diana is an inspirational character. If that can be achieved then this is a great reward for our efforts. ”

16. Wizarding World right next to Wonder Woman

Most of the film was filmed at Warner Bros. Pictures. Studios in Leavesden, with a room covered in green fonts, and the remaining room is the setting for the kingdom palace Themyscira. The open-air ditches appeared in World War I, where Wonder Woman climbed the ladder to pass No Man’s Land, dodging the bullets with his arms. Another nearby scene is used to film the fight scene on the muddy road of Veld town. Right next to it, we can see the giant props left over from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, which was filmed at the same location and closed shortly before.

17. There will be much more about Wonder Woman ahead

It is too early to say that Wonder Woman will continue to have a solo movie, but Roven considers the character an integral part of the DC Extended Universe, where All the films together and the characters that appear in the series come together, carrying the influence from the events that occurred in the previous films. “The superhero plays a big role in the Justice League,” he added, “and we naturally have an upcoming plan for this character.”

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