24 Hours to Live – Plot is simple, action is acceptable, but the Chinese element is amateurishly injected

24 Hours to Live 2017
24 Hours to Live 2017
24 Hours to Live – Plot is simple, action is acceptable, but the Chinese element is amateurishly injected
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If the story is about a retired killer returning to the scene & then end up destroying the organization that hired him, fine. That idea is not new but it certainly can be done & we could all still have fun watching the action. Alas, they tried to complicate it & in turn spoil it.

The Chinese character is badly thought out & badly executed. In the beginning, she’s supposed to be a bad-ass Interpol agent, the sole reason why the mole guy escaped the local militia ambush.

She’s also very sharp at discovering that Travis wasn’t a salesman (albeit after sleeping with him & could have been killed). & yet after that she’s just a helpless useless mother. She didn’t even realize the fact that in any VIP escort or hostage situation, the target always is placed in the middle car & she needed Travis to tell her that. Really? This just doesn’t seem congruent at all.

The way she sometimes speak in Mandarin to Travis is also unnatural & doesn’t fit into the flow of the film. & why would they be speaking Mandarin if they’re from HongKong, the Cantonese place, ye?

24 Hours to Live
24 Hours to Live (Source: http://www.punchdrunkcritics.com)

The “technology” that revolves around “24 hours” gave rise to the massacre & also to the ‘timing’ on Ethan’s life is the center of the movie, but it is inadequately explained. It also doesn’t make the ending ‘twist’ where Travis seems to be revived again by the doctor because he let her live more interesting.

This movie isn’t getting a sequel. His life is resolved & he’s happy to die. So that piece of addition is kind of pointless. Revive him every 24h, really? Watch 24 Hours to Live full movie online free.

Ethan Hawke’s part is okay, but he’s kinda of bogged down by Lin’s character. He could have just mugged her phone at the airport or kill her in some toilet or corners & be done with it instead of dragging her to dinner then to bed, but without that you don’t really have the plot, do you? Oh well….

So all in all, it’s watchable if you can overlook certain logical stuff. The action is 2nd-rate but okay, worth the popcorn. Ethan Hawke, by himself, is OK to watch. The Chinese injection just plain bad.

Source: Andy Nguyen – imdb


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