5 balls blossoming between the forbidden land in “Annihilation”

5 balls blossoming between the forbidden land in “Annihilation”
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Alex Garland’s “Ex Machina” blockbuster “Annihilation: The Destruction Zone” has been released, causing fever. The film follows a group of five female explorers preparing to enter a dangerous area called Zone X, where all the laws of physics become meaningless.

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Annihilation was adapted from the novel of the same name by writer Jams VenderMeer, but the movie version has some minor changes, starting from the mainline. In the original, the expedition team consisted of only four women and they were all unnamed, using different positions or occupations. Meanwhile, the movie added one person to the group and each was named. Along the way through the brave explorer who dared to breach the land of Annihilation offline!

Lena – Natalie Portman

American Thor – Natalie Portman marked the return of the big screen after a year absence with the lead role in the Destruction Zone: Former soldiers and cell biologists Lena. In the original, Lena was originally an ecologist, but the film had a bit of a career change to fit her role in the adventure team. Lena is Kane’s wife – also an explorer who returns to every destruction zone.

5 balls blossoming between the forbidden land in "Annihilation"

After setting foot in the destruction zone, Lena realizes that the cells in her body and her teammates are changing at an alarming rate. The following scenes show the battle of “two Lena”: Lena and the real copy of the strange entity disguised as. The entire movie is narrated from Lena’s perspective, so the audience will wonder if what they are seeing and hearing is from Lena herself or her copy. The end of the film was really high when the audience once again did not know whether the destruction was destroyed or not through the breakthrough performance of Black Swan Portman.

Dr. Ventress – Jennifer Jason Leigh

Dr. Ventress is a psychologist who is part of the Southern Reach organization, which manages to manage Area X. Her main task is to select members for the expedition team, and eventually she is the person. the leader of the female explorer group on this trip. The details in the film reveal that Dr. Ventress is facing terminal cancer, which may be the reason she is not afraid of danger, but once tried to enter the dead.

5 balls blossoming between the forbidden land in "Annihilation"

Dr. Ventress is based on the character The Psychologist in the novel, which is the former director of Southern Reach, is a full-figured and hypnotized participant in the reconnaissance. insurance.

Cass Sheppard – Tuva Novotny

Cass Sheppard is an anthropologist in the team, built from the same female character in the novel. However, the anthropologist’s version of the film is a thoughtful, thoughtful and reflective human being, far from the energetic original that always wants to prove his power.

5 balls blossoming between the forbidden land in "Annihilation"

Cass Sheppard is the first character in the team to be killed, when she bears a beast mutated in the night. It was the same bear that mimicked Cass’s voice to lure Anya Thorensen into the face, quickly becoming the bait for it to tear the corpse.

Anya Thorensen – Gina Rodriguez

Anya Thorensen is the person in charge of the team’s medical affairs. By the nature of his work, Anya is always watching other members, especially Josie Radek when she has the expression of panic after being attacked by crocodiles. Then Josie’s symptoms worsened as she accidentally watched the horror scenes from the cameras of the previous expedition. Everything becomes a burden on Anya’s shoulder when she has to take care of the entire crew.

5 balls blossoming between the forbidden land in "Annihilation"

The effects of Zone X make Anya paranoid. She tied up the members and pressed Lena to the true purpose of joining the party. Upon hearing Cass’s screams from the beast’s bear, Anya rushes to rescue Cass and is killed by the animal while struggling back and forth.

 Josie Radek – Tessa Thompson

Josie is a physics doctor from the University of Cambridge. She joins the expedition team because of the psychological problems she makes to find a place to escape to avoid the pressure. After entering the destruction zone, Josie is always in the most unsettled position when confronted with the crocodile with the jaws of the shark, and then witnessed the scene of Kane slaughtering his colleagues in the car. The camera was taken by the former group at Southern Reach’s former base. Things get worse with Josie. This trip was so cruel.

5 balls blossoming between the forbidden land in "Annihilation"

After the death of Cass and Anya, Josie herself appears with strange symptoms as the sprouts begin to grow on her old wounds. These sprouts are sprouting up and eventually Josie is transformed into a vegetarian form.


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