5 questions to answer after watching the trailer of Deadpool 2

5 questions to answer after watching the trailer of Deadpool 2
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Except for Bob Ross’s funny video parody, this is the first real footage that fans received from Deadpool 2 (a sequel still needs a more compelling name), and the result There are many things that need to be explained. The trailer has revealed to us a few details that we already know. Ryan Reynolds is back in the limelight, along with Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand), Weasel (T.J. Miller), Vanessa (Morena Baccarin) and Blind Al (Leslie Uggams).

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As for the new characters, we already know that Cable came from the future, was born and raised to fight, as he explained in this trailer. And we also know that Domino (Zazie Beetz) will appear. But the new trailer has elicited a series of interesting questions about Deadpool 2 as we began to think about what this movie would really look like. Let’s start with a pretty important question:

1. What is DMC?

Pause the trailer of Deadpool 2 at any time and you will find a reminder to these guys: DMC. They are targeting Cable (Josh Brolin) quite fiercely in scenes that we think are happening in the future. And then we see them driving a huge truck across the downtown area.

Web sites like MovieWeb have suspected that the DMC in this movie will be the version of the Mutant Response Division coming from the comic. The first Deadpool film exists in a world where mutants live (Colossus and the X-Men are a small part of the story), but the film does not care about the mutants, and they have what does it mean?

If DMC stands for “Mutant Containment” or “Mutant Control,” this is a big step in connecting Deadpool and his films to the current X-Men lineup. And that would be a very interesting thing.

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 2. What does “Purity, Humanity, Infinity” represent?

This first full-length trailer spends a lot of time on Cable (Josh Brolin) and originates from his future, but hardly finds Domino (Zazie Beetz) anywhere. She and Julian Dennison each appeared in only one or two scenes, and both seemed to be related to a group escape that we saw mentioned from previous marketing products, though. We do not know what they are doing.

These are strong suggestions that the content of this movie will likely include a repression of mutants – at least that’s what I think is based on the presence of DMC. The slogan “Purity, Humanity, Infinity” is reminiscent of the steadfast efforts of X-Men films to eliminate mutants, individuals with different genes from normal humans. Does this theme continue in Deadpool 2, or are we mistaking the meaning of that logo with something else?

3. Who are the members of this squad?

This is a fast-paced scene, but it looks like Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) will have his own team. This is strange because he is the only one who does not get along well with other people. Except Dopinder, his favorite cab driver. He dodged the X-Men teammates and ironed their friendship and affection whenever they had the chance. And even so, he and a great Domino seem to be standing on a X-Men transport plane, bringing a squad to battle. Is Kia Terry Crew on the left side of Deadpool? Is Terry Crew involved in this movie?

4. What’s going on in this big car?

We have mentioned DMC. And we see them in the future. But it seems that the battle against the DMC will overwhelm the Deadpool timeline, because we find our hero is fighting a bad guy in a yellow car along Vancouver ( I’m sure this will be for another city. In the trailer, we also witness Cable (Josh Brolin) trying to break into the car, and he then appears face to face with Deadpool and Blind Al, so we can confirm that Cable has found its way. to the current time line. But what’s so important about the car?

5. Deadpool in jail?

This makes what we think we know becomes ambiguous. It looks like a DMC headquarters. But it also looks like a prison, with a Deadpool jumping to make a run for it. However, this scene may also belong to the futuristic battle scene at the beginning of the trailer, where Cable handled the DMC soldiers. So that scene is finally part of the current time? Deadpool will travel to the future of Cable? We will have to wait and see exactly what is going on at this stage, and what Deadpool and Cable think they are doing in Deadpool 2.

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