5 reasons ‘ deadly ‘ birthday became a horror movie to watch

5 reasons ‘ deadly ‘ birthday became a horror movie to watch
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5 reasons ‘ deadly ‘ birthday became a horror movie to watch

Horror movie ‘ Happy Death Day ‘ put the audience falls into the labyrinth of time along the loop, in that place, the young girl was murdered. Then, you wake up and start the day, to the end of the day will again be killed.

1. Happy Death Day is “child” sequel to the film about the famous horror film

In 2009, Studio horror Blumhouse ever made about the grave global tone is relentlessly staggering before the breakthrough success of Paranormal Activity. With the idea of unique scenario, dramatic developments, the same strange new context, Paranormal Activity is rapidly becoming a global phenomenon with high sales surge compared with the tight funding levels the initial outlay. Pulled by the advent of the series Paranormal family crowd with length throughout the six episodes, the series then the airline’s branding has also become a permanent nightmare in mind the audience as series The Purge Sinister, Ouija, …, brought to the throne Blumhouse “czar of the horror film genre”.

By the year 2017, to Blumhouse shows ambitious rebuilding “Kingdom of horror” by the unexpected innovation strategies. Don’t just stop at the punk jumpscare “hair-raising haunted” as contemporary films, “producing a nightmare” also delves deeply into the exploitation of fear and psychological sense. The arranger a formula how daring of Blumhouse has been warmly received by audiences. The evidence is Split and Get Out, two works of horror unveiled earlier this year are being appreciated both in terms of content and revenue Office.

2. extremely low-budget but high profits in the U.S. about to fold dozens of times.

The funding limit production for 5 million USD really is the challenge with the film’s production team death birthday (Happy Death Day). To a fresh new color covers for school environment which of course was very familiar, every detail from the space, the light to the music in the film are being exploited and make use of a maximum way to bring new experience viewers about a new horror film in the genre slasher (mass murder) combined with the style of the classic time loop of Groundhog Day (1993).

Happy Death Day has made her own mark with a turnover of up to 26 million, led the North American box office after only 3 days early. To date the film bring on more than 42 million after nearly two weeks in America and will also soar when officially launched on international 27/10.

3. narrow space makes the horrible story happened in that become less scary

To recreate the space of the school that the main character-her Tree study, directed by Christopher Landon along production designer De Stefano has conducted thorough discussions on many. And location are chosen to accomplish all the stages of the production process for the birthday of the dead is New Orleans, Louisiana. In it, Loyola University in New Orleans will be the main filming locations.

Two locations appear to be most in the birthday of the dead is a room in the dormitory of the Carter along with the room of Tree and Lori. The filmmakers realize that the room is the tool that reflects the personality of its owners as accurately as possible. Therefore, the production team has studied carefully the personality as well as stories of each character before embarking.

Also with the room of Tree, the design team had an entirely different approach. Production design of the film continues: “Tree have free lifestyle, lo invisible thought, and that is reflected through the room in which she was living. Also with Lori, we have arranged the space clean, tidy-like right of her personality. “

4. Happy Death Day very well in the “mutiny” Viewer’s mind to create a high level of fear

With the Tree will go live again on the day that she was murdered, directed by Christopher Landon had specific discussions with cinematographer Oliver to each day in the time loop that would have a different shades. He said: “Toby and I decided that we would start the film with the camera to move very gently and steady. But when the loop duration progression, and when she (Tree) wake up to each new day, the camera would shake every time a lot more. “

Besides arranging the movement of the camera, and Christopher Landon also felt the necessity of using colors to depict changes taking place every day. He described: “on the first day, everything’s real radiance, but then they all became overcast and gray, along with each of the happenings in the film. The audience is being lived in the nightmare of the Tree, so I like to use colors to reflect back the atmosphere worse. “

5. A Vietnam songs have appeared in movies

This is why dedicated to Vietnamese audiences full of surprise. Track the number of alleged musician Huynh Sage, do the Lip Group B had appeared in the film Happy Death Day. Really this will be the big surprise and the fun for the audience. A question arises, why is alleged the Number which is not a traditional song of familiar free music?

Some people view the identification number, alleged the perfect fit with the film’s overall. Because, her Tree right “number” type Gelbman, killed dozens of times, to undergo the painful feeling of fear and woke, again faces a killer each evening. The loop time makes her want to die really are.

The film marks the return of the talent Director Christopher Landon, Happy Death Day revolves around Tree Gelbman (by Jessica Rothe)-a college student has continued to live the life on which she again goes live. And coincidentally as the most frightening day in his life that is also her birthday. Tree was killed in the party by a masked killer mystery. The loop every time re-enact the scene horrified and Tree discovered she can only escape if find out the identity of the killers.

To put this story up widescreen, Landon has recruited a team of talented filmmakers that includes production designer Cecele m. De Stefano, filming Toby Oliver, editor Gregory Plotkin, design costumes and Bear musician Luster McLaughlin Meagan McCreary. The main role of shopping in the Happy Death Day Gelbman Tree is young faces are very unpopular Jessica Rothe, American actress known to audiences is through supporting actress role in La la land, the film has just won 6 golden statues in the Oscars. Besides, the Orchestra is also the name of the young prospects such as Israel Broussard, Ruby Modine, Rachel Matthews …


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