5 secrets of the dinosaur series “Jurassic World”

5 secrets of the dinosaur series “Jurassic World”
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5 secrets of the dinosaur series “Jurassic World”

“Jurassic World” as the re-launch movie for the famous Jurassic Park brand also contains many interesting surprises.
When Jurassic World launches in 2015, most fans of the predecessor of Jurassic Park are concerned that the re-launch will fail. But the success of the box office proved the opposite when it earned $ 1.6 billion. Then, the second part – Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom – launched in 2018 also wrapped nearly $ 800 million after 2 weeks of release. You can watch this movie in losmovies.

Let’s take a look at the secrets not everyone knows about this movie series nhé!

1. The Jurassic World did not have enough money to buy tickets for the first movie

Actor Irrfan Khan plays Simon Masrani, the handsome billionaire player who built the amusement park “The Dinosaur World.” In fact, Khan was so poor that he could not afford a ticket to see Jurassic Park’s first movie (1993). For Indian folk, this is an interesting sarcasm.

2. The protagonist almost belongs to “Thanos” instead of “Star-Lord”

In addition to Star-Lord’s superhero in the Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy series, Owen Grady in Jurassic World and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom are also a hit in the career of amateur Chris Pratt.

However, in 2013, the media reported that the owner of the role was Josh Brolin, not Pratt. But then Brolin, for unknown reasons, withdrew from the project. Referring to Josh Brolin, the superhero filmmaker remembers him through two very impressive roles this year: Avengers: Infinity War and Cable – Deadpool 2.

3. The film crew actually created the “spherical car” Gyrosphere

In the Jurassic World series, this is a means of transporting visitors, helping them enjoy the great dinosaur varieties that are still safe. As the film unfolds, many viewers believe that the device is completely built with computer graphics.

But according to the film’s director Colin Trevorrow, the post-production team actually assembled the Gyrosphere. Not only that, the “supercar” can move as it does in the movie, so Trevorrow usually let his son play with it in his spare time.

4. Fortunately, a scene easily caused … vomiting was cut

According to actress Bryce Dallas Howard, there was a scene where her character Clare and Chris Owl’s character, Owen, were lurking in the dinosaurs. This is a scene created to create laughter for the viewer, but then the whole team agrees that it is “poor” and not suitable for the film.

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5. World Dinosaur Park really exists

Or rather, the scene was filmed at a real amusement park in the US – Six Flags. A few years ago, the playground at New Orcleans was permanently closed due to Hurricane Katrina.

But the vast space and the possession of many wildlife scenes, abandoned entertainment center has been chosen as “ribs” for the “World Dinosaurs”. It is quite ironic that at the end of the film, the “Dinosaur World” itself is being permanently closed.


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