5 strangely similarities between “Civil War” and “Batman v Superman”

5 strangely similarities between “Civil War” and “Batman v Superman”
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5 strangely similarities between “Civil War” and “Batman v Superman”

The two superhero blockbusters of this year are “Captain America: Civil War” and “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” share similar episodes.
Only a few days later, Captain America: Civil War will land on the Vietnamese theaters. Meanwhile, watch Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has almost completed the sweeping process of his box office. At the moment, the comparisons between Marvel’s and DC’s blockbusters are bigger than ever. From a humorous perspective, a WhatCulture article has shown that the scripts of these two works have quite a number of similarities.

1. A problem that has arisen from the previous movie, exacerbated by a new disaster

When Man of Steel debuted, there was a public outcry for the destruction of Superman and Zod. Zack Snyder received this response and … used himself for the opening of Batman v Superman. Accordingly, we see Bruce Wayne trying to rescue a subordinate and look at the fierce clash of aliens. From there, he begins to worry about Superman’s overwhelming power to destroy humans. The bombing of Congress made Bruce more concerned, eventually leading to the challenge of Steel Man.

It looks like the Civil War has a similar structure. In the trailer, Gen. Ross shows clips of events in Winter Soldier and Avengers: Age of Ultron, concluding: “The people are scared.” Obviously, the range of superheroes is beyond the control of the Government, and the specific limits need to be set. The attack on the United Nations will play a role of “fire,” especially with the appearance of Bucky, a controversial figure. It also aims to help those who do not understand the connection between the films that capture the story.

2. Ethics of superheroes

Both films use not only previous events to promote superhero fighting, but also raises bigger questions about how superheroes hurt social, how to control them. , as well as the purpose of justifying the means of vandalism? All these are interesting ideas, and one that has to come after a series of CGI-themed films.

In both Man of Steel and Age of Ultron, superheroes, of course, have saved the world, but the consequences they leave have to be considered. In Batman v Superman, the story is handled fairly quietly. After the death of Steel Man, it seems that the world has realized that they still need heroes. Returning to Marvel, it is unclear how the Civil War will end, but if it’s comic, it opens up a very different era when Tony Stark comes to power and the heroes are strictly controlled.

3. An old general comes back

Many characters in Man of Steel have returned in Batman v Superman, in which the most unusual is Swansick, played by Harry Lennix. With a sense of openness and openness, he appeared in the story line when Lois Lane traced the origin of the bullet. Civil War also featured Ross Hurt (William Hurt) in the role of enforcing the Treaty of Sokovia, which can be seen as the real villain of the film.

The last time General Ross appeared was in The Incredible Hulk (2008), the film he directed for the Green Giant. Due to disagreements with Edward Norton and the inconvenience of being in the running line, The Incredible Hulk was the most distorted movie in the campaign. Even Betty Ross, the daughter of Gen Ross and Bruce Banner’s girlfriend, has completely … disappeared in later films. Bringing back General Ross is a move attempting to connect with The Incredible Hulk, and there is also speculation that he will turn into a Red Hulk as in the comic.

4. The importance of the mother’s name

Batman and Superman’s mothers have over 70 names in the past, and Zack Snyder decides to turn it into a key episode of Batman v Superman. When Batman prepares to assassinate Superman, the Steel Man calls Martha and Bruce recognizing “human nature” in the alien creature. In the Civil War trailer, when Captain America found the Winter Soldier, Bucky showed signs of remission by remembering Steve’s mother Sarah Rogers.

5. A royal hero who hides himself, now comes out

Not only the “Krypton Descendants” and Gotham Bat, Batman v Superman also featured an extremely important character, Wonder Woman. Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman have long been considered Trinity, the pillar of the Justice League. Gal Gadot’s character quickly won the hearts of the audience because of the style and the battle screen. In the DC universe, Wonder Woman is a noble heroine who participated in the First World War but retired, until the events of Batman v Superman.

Likewise, the T’Challa (Black Panther) in the Civil War is living in peace and isolation from humanity in his kingdom of Wakanda. He was only caught up in the world of superheroes after the attack on the United Nations (rumored to have caused his father’s death). Like the Wonder Woman, the Black Panther impresses with the adrenaline rush and super martial arts.


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