50 Shades of grey movie review

50 shades of grey movie review
50 shades of grey movie review
50 Shades of grey movie review
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50 shades of grey movie review. I don’t know what people were expecting. I hadn’t read the books before seeing the movie and I am assuming that maybe this was a good thing. I enjoyed the film. I do not agree with the lack of chemistry either. There was a weird chemistry which I believe made sense because of the unusual relationship. He is an odd character and she is intimidated and is also very innocent therefore it isn’t going to be the usual sexual chemistry that you would find in a romantic film. A lot of people have said there was not enough sex or it was not raunchy enough.

Firstly, if there were any more sex scenes it would have got quite boring, and instead we got to see a bit of a story line. Also there is only so much that they can show in a film, surely? What were people expecting? Also one final point in relation to the comments I have seen regarding the film giving S&M a bad name; I don’t agree. This is a specific story about one guy who is into specific things and goes about things a particular way. It was all consensual (and it is made clear that it must be).

The whole point of the story is that Christian Grey’s sexual desires are confusing for Anatasia to understand and that the relationship is quite complicated due to their mutual feelings for each other. I have also seen comments that this film is sexist and degrades women. This film does not promote that at all it merely shows a story of someone who practises in S&M and in this instance the man is the dominant. She has a choice as to whether she wants to engage in this and the film does not say “this is okay” and “woman should do this”. The character was not forced to do anything. I do not get why people feel the need to accuse films of implying or portraying such things. 50 shades of grey movie review.

50 shades of grey movie review
50 shades of grey movie review

Obviously this film is not perfect and there are things that could have been better but I enjoyed this film and personally would recommend it to others. I can get quite bored in films but I was not bored at all, I have paid more to see films that are A LOT worse than this. Before the review, I think I should address one important thing: I have never read the book. That being said, you will not read any comparisons or critiques of what was left out or what was done wrong in the adaptation. I went into this movie aware of the subject matter and judged it just like any other movie. Consider this a fair review of “Fifty Shades of Grey”.

Honestly, I liked this movie. I know what you’re thinking: “This guy just likes seeing people have kinky sex on the big screen.” No, I don’t. In fact, I think mainstream erotic films offer us more than just artsy porn; they can be a fascinating look into the human subconscious like “Eyes Wide Shut” and they can be pure garbage like “Caligula”. I have come to learn that art is not safe whether it’s in the horror genre, comedy or especially in the erotic subgenre. Strangely, I found “Fifty Shades of Grey” to be provocative of questions about love, compromise, and passion even if it borders on what most people would consider bad taste.

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50 shades of grey movie review. First off, what is the movie about? Basically it follows the relationship between an inhibited English student named Anastasia Steele (played by Dakota Johnson) and a mysterious, young billionaire named Christian Grey (played by Jamie Dornan). They meet for an interview and begin building an infatuation for one another but Grey keeps insisting he does not want a romance with Ana. Instead he offers her the chance to partake in a BDSM relationship in which he is the dominant and she is the submissive. When I look back, the roles match well with their personalities.

There is no real story I could find in this film; rather it’s more about the characters. A lot of great movies focus on their characters more than plot; in this movie, it works out okay. Many of the supporting characters are snubbed for the two main players as if to say they are just there for the sake of some filler. Maybe if others found out about Grey’s lifestyle and he was caught in media frenzy, the film would have a substantial plot.

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50 shades of grey movie review. I found Dakota Johnson to be incredibly dull in the first act but gradually she becomes more dynamic and confident as the film progressed. It feels intentional seeing how Ana starts off as a quiet, uninteresting woman only to morph into a more liberal persona. Dakota’s character has a lot of those “whomp-whomp-whomp-whooooomp” comedic moments in the beginning which felt so forced and unnecessary to the tone. Jamie Dornan was decent as Christian Grey. Like his character, he feels in control.


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