8 action-packed moments forced fans to choke on “Fast & Furious 8”

8 action-packed moments forced fans to choke on “Fast & Furious 8”
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You remember the movie “Fast & Furious 8”, which is a pretty movie in 2017. An action party that “Fast & Furious 8” brings the audience includes such outstanding items as cars Fighting on fire, zombie convoys and submarine supercar.

There are no more movies produced, the larger scale and success as loud as Fast & Furious. After the seventh season grossed more than $ 1.5 billion, the eighth recently broke box office records. Fast & Furious 8 has pocketed more than $ 532 million, making it the premiere hit movie in history.

Fast 8 meets all the elements of a speed action movie: veteran drivers, beautiful faces – beautiful new additions, supercar dream, the knot the peak action phase and the moments of gratitude.

But after a seventh glimpse of deadly racetracks and the rules of physics that make it possible to cross the skyscrapers in Dubai, audiences must wonder whether the eight What more?

And here, the eighth with eight crazy, crazy action moments will make you admire the filmmakers. So where is the most expensive moment of the film, do you want to know about this or not? If so, please join the moviebox.live to watch the movie and feel the action scenes are expensive to succeed in that movie you!

# 1 Taking the subway car: Fast & Furious’s science-fiction action has taken a new heights

Dom eventually returns to fight with his comrades, but the group’s efforts to stop the submarine have failed. Letty and Ramsey nearly lost their lives when a massive object emerged from the ice, creating chaos. Detecting Dom making counterattacks, Cipher immediately “sends” the missile to Dom and his party. The moment of atonement finally came, Dom separated from the comrades and skillfully turned the rocket towards the submarine, destroying it and ending the fierce confrontation.

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# 2 Deckard Shaw rescues the baby

The film’s biggest twist is when the film revealed that Dom had a baby with his lover Elena (Elsa Pataky). This is also the point in the story. It was because Cipher holding Dom’s son forced him to go to her side.

Brother Owen and Deckard Shaw have a spectacular Cipher plane hijacking, but the most attractive part of the rescue is the one-hand Deckard that handles all of Cipher’s hands while protecting the ” Toretto House.

Just doing acrobatics and defeating each name, Deckard just gently pushed the cradle close. The audience can not help but laugh with the gesture of Jason Statham wearing a headphone for the baby and check if the baby is crying after every one of the opponents.

# 3 Hobbs vs. Torpedo

Ask what Luke Hobbs can not do? In a situation where Cipher threw a torpedo from a submarine to attack Hobbs’ vehicle, the hero once again rescued the rest of the crew by accidentally jumping out of the car. “Terrible” thrown to the opponent.

# 4 Roman up on the water with Lambo wings

Roman, once again proved himself to love to abuse super car when carrying the original Lamborghini orange to Russia snow cover. In the final chance to stop Dom and Cipher from penetrating the Russian base, the group has been chasing a dramatic rival over a frozen area. Not surprisingly, the Lamborghini slipped and slid under the ice of the ice.

Tej was throwing the hook hook on the car door and pulling it off the water. The humor scene ends with Roman using the Lambo wings just in time for a guy to fall off the sled.

# 5 The car Dom was pulled in the middle of the map

Since no one in the group knows Dom’s true motives when it comes to the Cipher, they all turn to the “former” leader. The climax is the clash between New York streets, when the brothers team up to round up Dom, blocking the mission Cipher assigned him to perform. After a fierce confrontation, Letty, Hobbs, Tej, Ramsey, Roman and Shaw clutched the zipper and “brake code” of Dom’s Plymouth GTX.

The idea of ​​the car dies dom, but not, Dom still find out how to destroy the car of the middle of the world! Yes, even if it’s Roman’s Bently and Letty’s Corvette.

# 6 Cipher Attack “zombie” car

One of the most striking scenes of the film is the remote assault rifle of the Cipher (Charlize Theron). In order to steal the nuclear code of the Russian Defense Minister, Cipher penetrated New York’s traffic control center, which handled hundreds of vehicles to block the police line, paving the way for Dom. hand.

The cars rushed down the street like a zombie army, even flying out of high-rise windows and pouring down the street. If you’ve ever believed in the prospect of a fast-paced car, do not watch Fast 8 as this scene can shake your faith.

# 7 “It’s Like A Wrecking Ball”

While on a mission in Berlin, Hobbs teammates (Dwayne Johnson) Tej (Ludacris) and Roman (Tyrese Gibson) gave the pursuers an ineffable sack. Trick for the chase, Tej surprise “ban” them a “dumbbell star” enough to break a convoy.

# 8 Dom’s raging match in Cuba

The film opens in Havana, where Dom (Vin Diesel) and Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) are on their honeymoon. Taking the challenge of local driver Fernando after knowing he threatened his cousin, Dom participated in the race to balance the balance between the streets of Cuba. Fernando claims to own the fastest car and will beat Dom’s Chevy Fleetline.

Dom has dismantled all the unnecessary things to make his monster lighter. The race begins as Fernando takes a dirty game to win. But, with a very “Dom” style, he eats back to his rival and desperately drives the car through the fire, into the opponent’s car and ice to his destination. Dom jumped out of the car narrowly before the “truck” drowned into the sea.

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