9 most painful moments in the Marvel Universe

9 most painful moments in the Marvel Universe
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The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), in general, is a peaceful space for anyone, where superheroes fly from place to place to save the world in a snap.

So rumored that MCU occasionally still crammed the souls of viewers with moments of grief and anguish that sometimes we have to quietly question “who am I and where is this”. Prepare a towel and a nose before going through the sad memories below:

1. Captain America’s Farewell (Captain America: The First Avenger)

Just moments before settling down in the cold Arctic glacier, Steve Rogers gave a farewell reminder to Peggy Carter without knowing that he and she would be able to meet again for centuries. next.

That memory certainly had a big impact on Peggy so much that the split was repeated many times in Agent Carter’s own movie and even when they met again decades later, Peggy’s regret And her love for Cap seems to rise again. But it was too late …

2. Killmonger’s final remarks (Black Panther)

Erik Killmonger is the dark side opposed to our hero T’Challa – the man he would have become if their ancestors had not met the unforgivable mistakes. Killmonger’s idea was not wrong, but the way he did it was unacceptable. And finally he suffered a very painful end, something he had always been quietly receiving and tolerating.

“Just drop me off on the deep blue ocean where my ancestors once jumped off the ship,” he told T’Challa. “Because they know it’s better to die than to be imprisoned.” It was Killmongert’s last apology before his last breath. Sounds bitter and tragic.

3. Spider-Man Returns to Avengers (Infinity War)

Most of the characters that have vanished from Thanos’s clenched hand during the War of the Infinity have disappeared without saying goodbye. But with Peter Parker, his spider-like senses were so sensitive that he could feel the death gnawing from inside. To the viewer as well as the Ironman, they were forced to witness the whole scene of pain. His bright mouth could only stutter “I do not want to go”.

Peter Parker was only 15 when the war came. It is true that Peter chose the path of a superhero, but he – like his family and friends, never thought he would have such a painful end. He really does not want to die.

4. Yondu’s funeral (Guardians of the Galaxy 2)

Peter Quill had been resentful of his foster father, unlike Ego, he had never been the great figure in his eyes, even when Yondu joked that he would eat him. At the end of his life, Yondu was recognized by the whole galaxy as having decided to sacrifice himself to save Peter at the end of the Milky Way.

But the incident happened later, with all the members of the Ravagers bandits – brothers who had been born with him – appear and pay homage and forgive all the faults. Yondu’s mistake. The sparkling fireworks shimmered the same class of space-class spacecraft that shone brightly across the cosmic spectrum as the most talked-about move for him.

5. Agent Coulson (Avengers Assemble)

From Yondu to Gamora, the crafty spy Phil Coulson can not escape the jumble. Loki accidentally crossed the body of Clark Gregg’s role almost ended there, if not thanks to Marvel a little love that brought him alive in the TV series SHIELD.

6. “We are Groot” (Guardians of the Galaxy)

Many people still think the Groot has only one sentence to say. But he brought a lovely message of solidarity when the saying “We are Groot” was uttered at the end of the film. Unfortunately, only a few minutes later, the body of the sentence was broken into pieces for protecting his friends. Life is not fair with talking trees.

7. Bucky (Captain America: Civil War)

Before returning to Stever Rogers, Bucky did a lot of bad things during the brainwashing period. But his killing of Tony Stark’s parents was a different story – especially since Steve had long suspected the incident but decided to keep it private. Oh, the picture is true of you, Steve, but …

8. Iron Man and Captain America go away (Captain America: Civil War)

Referring to the concept of “friends,” all that is going on in the second part of Captain America from the very beginning to the end is a big challenge for people calling themselves friends. The unforeseen consequences of Bucky’s bloody hands made the relationship between the births of two of the world’s most powerful men completely shattered.

What a painful affair with any of the two fans.

9. Goodbye Gamora (Avengers: Infinity War)

The tyrannical titan Thanos forced his adopted daughter Gamora to lead him to Vomir, where secretly hidden the Mystical Soul Stone. How satisfied were you when you saw that Thanos “seemed” unable to pay for the price to get it – killing the person he loved the most in life – “Because he does not love anyone” Gamora smiles vow.

Is there anything else that can gulp the liver, spicy cucurbits watching over witnessed Gamora slowly recognize and face the end that everyone knows will happen to her?

Fans will never be able to overcome these scenes. Every once in a while, some of their emotions would have melted into heavy rains like the weather of the past.


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