A Walk in the Woods that got lost

A Walk in the Woods movies
A Walk in the Woods movies (Source: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com)
A Walk in the Woods that got lost
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Like another reviewer, I was so looking forward to this adaptation of one of my favorite books, but was so disappointed with the result.

Briefly, the focus of the book is Bryson’s encounter with nature, and along the way others who are exploring the Appalachian Trail. He does so in a way that balances his great humor with the reality of how we now treat the earth and what we have done to it.

He also explores how we have separated ourselves from nature, at times even when we are on the trail, but especially for so many that have never taken the time to go into the woods, even when it is not far away.9

A Walk in the Woods
A Walk in the Woods (Source: https://www.filmcomment.com)

I was afraid I would be disappointed in the movie toward the beginning when it took so much time to even get onto the trail in a film that was already only a little over 1 hour and 40 minutes. Take out the credits and it is an hour and a half.

It ended up that the focus was more on the relationships among people, which is not necessarily bad, but when compared to the book it sacrificed the important message of the relationship to nature and the earth.

There were techniques they tried to use to get across Bryson’s original messages, like when Bryson, as played by Redford, talks to Nolte’s character about the trees and such. However, it is not enough to save the film.

If you have not seen the movie, I would nor recommend it. If you have not read the book, do so as soon as possible.

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