Action star for action superstar “12 Strong”

Action star for action superstar “12 Strong”
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The topical war theme 12 Strong is having an impressive debut in the US. This true-story work has grossed more than $ 20 million after just five days. To make that success of the movie we can not help but mention that the cast has been righteous in conveying emotions to the audience.

Let’s take a look at the action stellar in 12 Strong:

Chris Hemsworth

With Thor, Chris Hemsworth has become one of the most loved faces in the world. The name of Chris Hemsworth is gradually becoming a guarantee of the attractiveness of the film. In 12 Strong, he is no longer a superhero coming out of the comic world but a true hero on the battlefield. Chris Hemsworth plays Captain Mitch Nelson, who leads the group of US special forces dispatched to kill Taliban terrorists shortly after the September 9 attacks.

The blonde actor once shared with The Cinemablend that, amidst the hectic schedules of Marvel superhero movies, he wanted to opt for a movie with a different theme. And when the opportunity came, Chris Hemsworth decided to try with 12 Strong. But the film about the war in Afghanistan is not a chance to “relax” as “Thunder God” idea. In this film, Chris Hemsworth has shown a huge amount of action scenes such as gunfights, melee, horse riding as strong as a blockbuster action he has ever participated.

However, he never regretted deciding to play the lead of 12 Heroes in 12 Strong. In contrast, Chris Hemsworth was very enthusiastic about his role, saying, “I am extremely grateful for being in the movie, because I love this movie and I am proud of it.”

Michael Shannon

As an actor who has been nominated for two Oscars and one Golden Globe, Michael Shannon has long been considered an impressive actor in Hollywood. The role of Michael Shannon in 12 Strong is the warrior Hal Spencer. His real life character was dubbed “killer eyes” by the group. With the many advantages of angled and sturdy shoulder styles, no one plays the better soldier on the battlefield than Michael Shannon.

Michael Peña

Michael Peña is one of the most famous Mexican-born actors in Hollywood today. He is best known for his work on Gangster Squad, End of Watch, Battle of Los Angeles, and the recent Narcos series about the life of drug bosses Pablo Escobar.

Born in a family of immigrant farmers from Mexico, Michael Peña’s childhood was associated with the notorious violence of the infamous Chicago city of violence. “I see people dying before me, and it is normal if that is all you know,” he said. This is an advantage of Michael Peña as a soldier in Afghanistan.

William Fichtner

William Fichtner is another veteran in the action star of 12 Strong. 62-year-old actor appeared in the blockbuster action as Independence Day: Resurgence, The Dark Night, The Lone Ranger.
Colonel Mulholland, played by William Fichtner in this film, is one of the few characters to remain unnamed when adapted to the screen.

This is not the first time he has played a war movie. Prior to 12 Strong, William Fitchner played the brave soldier in the hit Black Hawk down and marked unforgettable in the audience.

Trevante Rhodes

Besides the familiar names of action films, 12 Strong also features the young actor Trevante Rhodes. Spotlighted as the male lead in Moonlight – the best film award in 2016, Trevante Rhodes is rated as the leading actor in Hollywood. Trevante Rhodes will be an exciting element in the cast of 12 Strong.

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