Agent of SHIELD accidentally revealed the fate of the Inhumans series?

Agent of SHIELD accidentally revealed the fate of the Inhumans series?
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Agent of SHIELD accidentally revealed the fate of the Inhumans series?

It seems that the majority of viewers and professionals can foresee this, and recently an agent of the Agents of SHIELD series accidentally revealed that Marvel and ABC had decided to kill the Inhumans.

After the impromptu IMAX debut and a large amount of negative reviews, Inhumans did not seem to be able to become a TV blockbuster like Marvel expected. With the backbone of the big channel like ABC and the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the background, the Inhumans have a seemingly limitless potential to develop into the second season. However, the future of this series is becoming more and more dark. compared to before.

San Jose actor Ming-Na Wen was asked about whether there could be a cross-over of watch agents of shield season 4 netflix and Inhumans. Since Inhumans originate in the Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D. series, it is perfectly reasonable to have one or two cross-over sets. Answering that question, it sounded like Wen knew about this:

“I thought that series was …”

The actress halted, but it was certain that the word she was about to say was “canceled”. Knowing that she was embarrassed, she tried to drift away to another problem. But has she just confirmed what everyone knows is sure to come?

With the finale of season Inhumans at just 1.95 million views, the big guys at ABC will put the series into the lower priority queue. Remember that Agent Carter ended with 2.35 million views and did not survive the third season, so Inhumans are currently waiting to die. In the context of Marvel’s almost no big mistake, would the Inhumans series be their first major defeat?

And even if the Inhumans were actually killed, the cast would still be able to join the Agents of SHIELD, so they would not have to worry about finding their way. It is true that the audience is not really interested in the character Black Bolt and his royal family, but the popularity of this character in the comic is enough to allow them to appear on television. The tricky part is that Season 5 of movies online for free full movies Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D takes the time in a distant future, while the Inhumans are set in a near future.

That’s not to say whether Ming-Na Wen really got the information on ABC’s suspension of Inhumans. Remember that she only uses the word “think”, so maybe she just says what everyone thinks will come.

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The majority of the shows are having big problems in the first season, but the problems that Inhumans are facing are the critical ones. Immediately, if the Inhumans survived the second season, the series needed an investment and restructuring of the script really serious.


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