American Assassin – Just Another One of Those Standard Special Agent Fighting Terrorist Movie

American Assassin 2017
American Assassin 2017 (Source: imdb)
American Assassin – Just Another One of Those Standard Special Agent Fighting Terrorist Movie
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This movie was a rather standard spy terrorist movie. It started with a Bang, but then the pace slowed down a bit then it felt more like a rather flat thriller with occasional actions sequence here and there till the climax.

The slower pace of the movie actually was a let down coz the trailer suggest a full action movie with high intensity, but it turned out that the movie fall rather short of expectation.

The action sequence though, was actually pretty good. Dylan O’Brien managed to give the fighting scenes a very good performance (It seemed he prepared himself very well on this and I think experience of playing in The Maze Runner series certainly helped). Michael Keaton as usual always gave his all in his performance. His character was very convincing in this film, Watch American Assassin full movie online.

As I mentioned above, it was a rather standard movie whereby the story was about a man with very bad experience and enlisted to help the CIA to fight terrorism. It was adapted from a novel of the same title written by the late Vince Flynn who wrote a series of novels revolving around Mitch Rapp.

This was the first of the novel series with the introduction of the character. I am not sure though whether the producer was thinking of spawning sequels based on this character. However, looking at the movie itself, I have my doubts whether it would be commercially successful enough to raise their appetite.

American Assassin
American Assassin (Source:

The movie did have some interesting action sequence and I think the climax scene was pretty awesome. I think my wife shared the same view with me that those scenes were quite breathtaking and intense. The fighting scenes were also quite brutal and the killing scenes (especially the one involving a car in a sewer) were very violent and not suitable for kids.

The sound effects were awesome, the special effects of the explosions were good considering the movie did not have a very large budget. Oh I also mentioned that the movie felt rather flat, which was probably due to very minimal scene that was fun to see (apart from brief scenes involving Michael Keaton in the end).

So if you are looking for an action thriller movie of agents fighting terrorism and save the world from nuclear attack, then this one should be interesting enough. And if you are a fan of Vince Flynn’s work specifically Mitch Rapp’s character, maybe you can try and see how he is portrayed in a movie.

But if you are looking for a similar type of movie with lots and lots of actions full of mind blowing fighting, explosions sequences, then perhaps this would be a bit soft for you.

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