Animal – Engaging and enjoyable creature feature

Animal movies
Animal movies
Animal – Engaging and enjoyable creature feature
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After a weekend getaway goes awry, several groups of friends find themselves trapped in an abandoned house in the woods by a ravenous bloodthirsty creature and must find a way to stave off the creature.

On the whole this one was quite the enjoyable creature feature that got a lot to really like about it. One of it’s better features is the fact of this one really managing to get a lot out of the simplicity of it’s premise where there’s a fine sense of action and suspense in here all based on the rather easy-going nature of how it starts off.

The fact that the attacks start in before the thirty minute mark is where this one really gets going with the attacks coming in pretty steadily from there on throughout the film as it tends to whip through a slew of exciting ambushes and barricades inside the house to get at them which just makes these all the more fun because of the relentless pace it generates this way.


That opening attack on the trail, the main ambush in the cellar and the rather exciting encounter within the kitchen also feature some rather outstanding suspense tactics as well which is another impressive nod for the film by allowing for some creepy attacks and situations to come about as it also includes a fine sense of action as well to really make this one all the more impressive throughout here.

Of course, the fact that it features such an impressive creature doing this all makes the scenes even more exciting as the imposing, fanged being strikes a definite impression on-screen and has a personality to match the aggressive action featured which completes the whole look quite well with a great amount of gore thrown in to display the savageness of the creature nicely.

Still, about the only flaw to this one is the fact that this one tends to overlook the creature so much in here that it’s barely enough to really get a handle on it.

There’s no backstory about it at all and the fact that the editing hides it’s appearance for all but a few brief seconds means that those fleeting glimpses are all we get to discover the creature’s appearance which is a little distracting. All in all, though, this one was still quite fun overall.

Rated Unrated/R: Graphic Violence and Graphic Language.

Source: GL84 – imdb


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