“Ant-Man” is the most boring superhero Marvel Universe?

“Ant-Man” is the most boring superhero Marvel Universe?
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Ant-Man seems to be relying on The Wasp, Ghost’s predecessor, and the unstoppable charisma of “Avengers: Infinity War” to entice viewers to watch Part 2.

Ant-Man is a movie about Marvel’s famous superhero character, first released on the big screen in 2015. The film revolves around Scott Lang who was in prison for stealing, but was PhD Hank Pym donates his armor to help him zoom in at will. They call it the Ante Armor. With this Kung Fu armor, Scott Lang became a hero for a while. From there, he also had the opportunity to reconcile with his family, and even assisted Captain America during the Civil War (2016).

With a glamorous profile on the comic strip, many would have thought Ant-Man would be one of the big names in the Marvel Universe. But the truth seems very contradictory. When Ant-Man was scheduled to open in theaters in 2015, there were many posts on the Web sites listing other characters deserving of a movie than the Anteater. There are also a lot of fans who have been confused by Marvel’s constant circulation of superhero films, despite promising to make a movie about Black Widow many years back. (Until now, Marvel has left open the project. Black Widow’s own film.

The launch of Ant-Man in the summer of 2015 can be considered successful when reached the turnover of $ 520 million. However, if you compare it with other Marvel superhero movies, the revenue is still significantly lower. Specifically, the individual superhero films then earned a higher box office profit, such as Doctor Strange with $ 678 million in revenue, Spider-Man: Homecoming pocketed $ 880 million in ticket sales. Black Panther, which grossed $ 1.3 billion at the box office this year. Even so, Guardians of the Galaxy, the movie about a little-known superhero group in the Marvel comics still gloriously earned $ 773 million in revenue.
Is not the superhero movie fan interested in Ant-Man? Based on the comments of netizens, the answer seems to be true. One reviewer commented, “Ant-Man is very popular in comics, but when it comes to film, it’s like the characters that appeared before. We have two scientific geniuses in the Avengers (Iron Man and the Hulk), we do not need another guy in armor. ”

More thoroughly, the movie Ant-Man does not give viewers a unique element compared to the film before it. While Doctor Strange opens the world of mysterious magic, Spider-Man brings the adventures of a teenage boy still attending school, the Black Panther is the epic about the king of an African kingdom. Ant-Man tells the story of a poor, unlucky man, suddenly assigned the task of superhero. This is a motif that has been used many times. In addition, Ant-Man’s Scott Lang character is not as funny as the Guardians of the Galaxy, not as tall as Captain America, and can not be as arrogant as Iron Man. His film has become so … trivial, making viewers feel boring after enjoying a bunch of other great blockbuster.

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Ant-Man is the most boring super hero in the universe Marvel? Because the characters themselves and the story has been considered fading, Ant-Man has to rely on his super power to attract fans. Indeed, if you ask a superhero moviegoer that the most impressive Ant-Man scene is, the very high possibility they will have is that he’s turned into a giant in Captain America: Civil War. , or scenes of him riding a wing, or can also be the scene of throwing a giant toy train to the opponent. However, if you look closely, Ant-Man’s display of power is always dependent on surprise, or humor. Without one of these two elements, Ant-Man’s power quickly loses interest, making it boring to see it repeatedly.

Marvel seems to have grasped the weakness of Ant-Man, so for the second part, they are looking for ways to make the film more attractive in the eyes of the audience. Firstly, Hope Van Dyne’s role in the first season will be raised to become the main character, becoming the powerful Wasp assistant to Ant-Man. Her blood and professional fighting abilities, regardless of gender, will be a factor in her fans’ interest in putting the Wasp next to Ant-Man. In addition, the antagonist Ghost in Ant-Man and the Wasp is also a female – a girl who owns armor to help through the wall. So in the second part, there is not only one, but two strong, aggressive women will be added to help Ant-Man more interesting.

Ant-Man and the Wasp is also the movie Marvel is launching right after the Avengers: Infinity War. Millions of fans are still saddened by the infidelity of the Infinity War that will surely flock to see Ant-Man and the Wasp, hoping the movie will answer some of their questions. For example: “Does the movie take place near the time of Thanos flickering a mass killer?”, “If so, how will the characters handle?”, “Ant-Man can bring hyes new in the fight against Thanos or not? “and much more.

Even more unconcerned, there will still be audiences watching Ant-Man and the Wasp just to “change the wind”, using the humor in the movie to soothe the spirits after a heartwarming Infinity War. . Or maybe, they are curious to know if Hawkeye – the only Avengers member not present in the Infinity War – appears next to Ant-Man or not, and he is safe after the fate of Thanos or fate. are not.

With a lot of new elements, as well as the heat of the Avengers 3, Ant-Man and The Wasp could be a much more successful blockbuster than the first. If you want to match Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, Black Panther and become part of the new Marvel superhero generation, Ant-Man will definitely need a lot of improvement in character and plot.

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