Avengers infinity war review reaction

Avengers infinity war review reaction
Avengers infinity war review reaction
Avengers infinity war review reaction
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Avengers infinity war review reaction. I’m going to keep this review short and snappy and I won’t dive into plot details (as requested by the Russo Brothers). #Thanosdemandsyoursilence. I went into this movie with the mindset that I will be blown away and this will not only be a home run but out of the park. All I can say that my expectations were met. Thanos is the most powerful villain we’ve seen to date and the avengers, who are torn apart (following Civil War) are not prepared for this. And then insanity ensues accompanied with real stakes and potential dire consequences. It’s a great story filled with twists and surprises. I enjoyed it a lot and I think so will everyone as I predict this will beat the opening weekend record (set by force awakens) and cross the $250 million line.

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All the reviews that say this movie has no plot are either trolls, idiots, or didn’t are to take the time to watch previous marvel movies. Every single one of those ratings and reviews should be taken down and not added to the rating for Infinity War because of their fundamental lack of understanding. It’s like coming in and watching the last 2 minutes of an hour long drama show and saying this episode sucks because it has no plot. It’s utterly ridiculous!

Avengers infinity war review reaction
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There have been 31 marvel movies leading up to this point. All 31 has have some plot that leads to infinity war. Infinity War IS the end game movie. There is nothing left to explain, nothing left to discuss, it is all-out fight for control of the most powerful items in existence, the infinity stones. There have been 31 movies to explain in someway the power of these stones and/or the heroes that come together to fight Thanos in this movie. It’s like a long game of chess where Thanos finally makes his move, and it’s a huge one.

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So I beg of any of you who reads this. Don’t listen to anyone who says this movie has no plot, has no reason and is only fighting. They aren’t worth listening to, Infinity Wars has roughly 60 hours of plot from 31 precious movies leading up to this monumental fight for life or death, and the movie is done to near perfection. The movie is glorious, the CGI is fantastic, the battles are awe-inspiring, and Thanos is made worth of your fear from the very beginning. He is truly the Mad Titan that captures your heart and crushes it right in front of your eyes. Anyone who doesn’t think this clearly didn’t see the same movie.


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