Avengers Infinity War – Spider-Man and another ending?

Avengers Infinity War – Spider-Man and another ending?
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Avengers Infinity War – Spider-Man and another ending?

Everyone knows that Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, who had a tragic ending in the aftermath of the Universe, but it would not be the only turn to be decided for him. According to co-writer Christopher Markus, the fate of Peter Parker has a lot of difference in the early stages of the script.

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In a previous draft, Peter Parker was not followed by Tony Stark on board Ebony Maw to rescue Doctor Strange. Instead, Anthonie Mackie’s Falcon is a participant in the Space Journey. Spider-Man was able to stay on Earth, and probably survived the capture of Thanos.

“There was a scenario where Spider-Man would not go out into space, and there Falcon would go,” Markus told Yahoo!. Entertainment. “And quite interestingly, it’s fun, it’s always exciting to put guys in a variety of situations, and there are dozens of things to do in both directions.”

In the final film, Falcon stays on Earth and helps Steve Rogers, Black Widow. He then teamed up with other allies such as Bucky Barnes and the Black Panther to keep the Vision Guard in Wakanda. Meanwhile, Spider-Man “jumps” to Titan to help out against Thanos, and after the defeat of Thanos, disintegrates into dust.

After all, this is a wise move for the filmmaker. In addition to Iron Man and the humor of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Spider-Man’s death is the most emotional element for moviegoers from all over the world.


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