10 trailer details of “Avengers: Infinity War”: The time of doom has scored

10 trailer details of “Avengers: Infinity War”: The time of doom has scored
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Marvel Studios unveiled the second trailer for the Avengers: Infinity War, revealing more about the plot as well as the spectacular action scenes beyond imagination.

Just over a month away, the biggest blockbuster in 2018 – Avengers: Infinity War will officially launch. The first trailer of the movie has attracted over 200 million views in the first 24 hours of its release, a testimony to the horrible reception from fans all over the world.

Infinity War’s biggest hit must have been the scale of the movie, having gathered almost all of the characters that had appeared in the previous 18 films. Dreaming of seeing the Avengers join forces with the Guardians finally came true.

In anticipation of the fans, Marvel Studios has released the next trailer for the movie. In addition to the storyline, the fans also caught a glimpse of the battle in the Wakanda field, where the Russo brothers promised to take on the most intense action scenes in MCU history.

Combined with the rumors spread rumors have spread over the past few years, even veteran fans will miss some of the details revealed in the trailer. The following article will help you avoid omitting any of the smallest information.

Avengers: Infinity War trailer:


1.Captain America vs. Thanos

Cap scene facing Thanos in the comic Infinity Gauntlet has gone down in history, and Infinity War will replay this segment is equally heroic. Possibly the only power from the Super Warrior, Cap must “squeeze” before Thanos, not to mention he is still holding the power of two Infinity Stone in hand.

But somehow, he can block him. Thanos did not hide his amazement. Is Cap holding the last Infinity Stone and also the strongest stone – Soul Stone? Or is Thanos simply surprised by a humble man who stands up to challenge him?

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2. “I hope they will remember you.”

Under the power of Thanos, the Infinity War may be the last time the audience will see the heroes they have known for 10 years. Tony Stark / Iron Man has been with the audience since the early days, and if Marvel decided to sacrifice him, it would not be surprising.

Although it is hard to imagine a MCU without Iron Man, but for many fans, they have long been prepared for this day. No Robert Downey Jr. But Tony Stark’s legacy in the MCU will continue to exist and will continue in some way.

3. Hulkbuster defeated Thanos

Since Tony is busy battling Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, and the Guardians on another planet, there are others who will take over the Hulkbuster armor during the battle in Wakanda. And according to the corridor information, this person is Bruce Banner.

Accordingly, the battle with Thanos on the Asgard ship is likely to leave a deep obsession with the Hulk, so much so that Bruce can not transform into a Hulk. Since the Hulk has formed a distinct personality with Bruce, this is perfectly reasonable. After an emergency situation, Bruce appears to have persuaded the Hulk to return.

Another possibility is that Proxima Midnight with its spear powers her powers, making Bruce unable to turn into a Hulk. In the comic, Proxima Midnight once smoked the gamma out of the Hulk, causing him to shrink back to Bruce Banner.

4. Doctor Strange vs. Ebony Maw

If the other members were Thanos’ conquest, Ebony Maw was his own. Despite not having any fighting skills, he is the most dangerous member of the Black Order. Ebony Maw can get people to do whatever he wants. Not only that, he also put parasitic in the victim’s brain for the next easier to manipulate. He is the unpredictable, elusive and most sinister member of the group.

And in the Infinity War, Ebony Maw will use this skill to ravage the Time Stone from Doctor Strange.

5. Asgard fell to Black Order and Thanos

Ragnarok’s idea of ​​escape from the disaster is safe, as the Asgard ship encounters a more deadly threat – Thanos and the Black Order. Thanos follows the Space Rock and in front of his fellow-dead, Loki has no choice but to hand over the stone to him. Not to mention, Loki once accused Thanos of losing the Intellectual Stone. Will this lousy mouth save his life or not?

6. Thanos adopts Gamora

Before Gamora became a member of the Guardians, she was the adopted daughter of Thanos. But that was not her choice. During the conquest of the universe, Thanos massacred Gamora’s entire planet, and he kept her as a spoil.

In addition, Thanos’ army uses Chitauri raiders. Also remember in The Avengers (2012), Loki has also commanded Chitauri troops to invade New York.

7. Thor launches the sun forge

Because Mjolnir was crushed in Thor: Ragnarok should go to the Avengers: Infinity War, Thor would need a new weapon to confront his most powerful opponent before, Thanos. Mjolnir himself was forged from the core of a dead star, and to forge a new hammer of similar power, Thor had to go to the dwarf’s forge of the sun – the only place in the universe to do this.

Rocket along with Groot will follow Thor in this mission, hoping the new hammer – Stormbreaker will help balance the game before the Thanos.

8. Vision and Shuri

After taking care of Bucky, the genius Shuri receives a new patient, Vision. However, this meeting is a lot more interesting. Vision’s body is made of Vibranium, which Wakanda residents have never thought of. The fact that Vision is present in Wakanda will certainly make Shuri’s view of Vibranium change, that this extremely rare metal still has many unexplored uses. It is likely that Shuri will be inspired by Vision to create a completely new technology.

9. The Avengers arrive in Wakanda

Wakanda will be the central battlefield in the Infinity War, with the biggest battle the film will take place here. After saving Vision and the Black Magic from the Black Order, Cap’s party must come to the refugee camp in Wakanda, resurrecting Vision as well as preparing for the next battle. Following the Cap is Black Widow, Bruce Banner, Falcon, War Machine, Vision and Scarlet Witch.

According to some sources, Bucky’s “White Wolf” is also present in this episode. Welcoming friends after a long period of isolation to treat the sequelae left by HYDRA.

10. “He can destroy the universe with a snap of his hand”

MCU movies always know how to please the fans, from the audience watching the MCU to the long-time comic readers. Avengers: Infinity War is, of course, a movie like that.

The beginning of the trailer is Gamora’s lead, when she tells her father, “Since I knew it, Innocent in his hand, he can do it with just a snap of his hand. ”

And in the Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos uses the Infinity Gloves to do exactly that – half of the universe’s population disappears after a snap of a Titan man. Although the Infinity War will not be exactly the same as a comic, such a tantalizing recollection can make the hottest fans nod.

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