Backstage for Isle of Dogs

Backstage for Isle of Dogs
Backstage for Isle of Dogs
Backstage for Isle of Dogs
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Backstage for Isle of Dogs. Stop-motion animated film is such a great feat that director Wes Anderson would have been more comfortable if he had chosen to shoot a movie starring on a real garbage island instead of using it properly. This film is for his latest work called Isle of Dogs. Click zmovies watch free movies now.

The film is set in the fictional Japanese city of Megasaki where the outbreak of the dog flu has occurred. To isolate, the city ordered the collection of all the dogs and then drop on the desert island is all rubbish. Although humans often appear in frames, dogs of all colors, sizes and characters are the main characters of the Isle of Dogs.

In order to be able to create characters who are responsive to the anatomy of the dogs that make them “human” as possible, Wes Anderson and his collaborators have spent a lot of time and mind invest in models / puppets. In addition to static animations, these puppets will be adjusted to move a bit and then capture the image, pairing together to create the effect as they are moving towards the viewer. So to capture the smallest movement of the character can take dozens, hundreds of photos and many hours of hard work of the filmmakers.

Backstage for Isle of Dogs
Backstage for Isle of Dogs

Before embarking on the puppets, the film crew must carefully study the movements and expressions of humans and dogs. They bring real dogs to the studio, recording their reactions and movements. The head of puppet artist Andy Gent even brought his dog Charlie into the studio.

The Isle of Dogs produced a total of 500 puppetry models under the tutelage of 27 puppet controllers and 10 assistants. Each dog has a metal frame to support the movement and facial expression. The hardest thing is that the Oracle pug dog is one of the smallest dog in the group, but is often zoomed into the face to capture the emotion, so the puppeteers are struggling to get a metal frame. at the top of it. Meanwhile, the dog Nutmeg (voiced by Scarlett Johansson) takes up to 30 weeks to perform due to the plumage.

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The technician will make the animated film on the computer and then apply it to the actual frame. The voiceover stage is also an exciting and arduous process, when it has to match the god of the actor (stars like Bryan Cranston, Edward Norton, Bill Murray, Jeff Goldblum, Bob Balaban, Kunichi Nomura, Ken Watanabe. ..) in the appearance and expression of character from laughing, teeth bared, growling … for example, the bull-terrier dog character is Bill Murray voiced Boss with an American accent English fluently, wore a baseball jersey shirt sports which are popular both in Japan and the US.


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