Barden Bellas raise singing in Pitch Perfect 3

Barden Bellas raise singing in Pitch Perfect 3
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Five years since the debut, young people around the world suddenly burst into the singing with the cups.

Cups have been re-presented by millions of viewers, reaching 190 million views and downloads. The movie “Perfect Pitch 3” is the source of the storms of this time. With a budget of only $ 17 million ($ 357 billion), the film grossed $ 113 million worldwide (2373 billion) at the end of the movie. The movie quickly became a global phenomenon: pitch perfect 2 full movie online free

After years of waiting, the acapella girls are ready to return in the final movie. The first trailer of Universal Suspense 3 has just been launched by Universal to begin the Barden Bellas fans’ hiatus from now on. The new footage of the movie gives viewers an exciting moment in the first seconds when Barden Bellas vocalists go through college and are doing the first jobs in the industry. life.

When they are no longer girls, the girls gather again for the last rebellion

After graduating, Beca, Gail, Emily, Chloe Beale, Aubrey and Fat Amy all had a lot of change, and everyone struggled with work more than singing passionately in school. Then on a reunion at the bar, the girls of the day were as motivated to “stir” and break the limits again by standing on the stage.

The Assembly decided to “reborn” the Barden Bellas to participate in the USO competition in Europe. But this contest is not easy with acapella groups, but also bands that play real instruments. And the USO will also be Barden Bellas’ last tour before everyone actually closes their youth together singing.

If the previous two are just lovely girls, this time they have come back and beautiful than many times since graduation after graduation.

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Like any other music movie and youth, The Pitch Perfect 3 will be a nostalgic “farewell” nostalgia, but will also “be” in the music and friendship. The Pitch Perfect brand has taken a certain place in the hearts of filmmakers in general and moviegoers in particular, not only by its well-tuned songs, perfect pitches but also by The script is always handled very skillfully.

Fat Amy and Beca reunited with friends promising to bring the difficult situations on the big screen.

Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Brittany Snow, Anna Camp, Elizabeth Banks and Hailee Steinfeld will also be fully reunited in this final episode, together for the best of Barden Bellas’ wide photo. Ruby Rose will also appear in Part 3, a member of Border Bellas rival rock group USO. In addition, John Lithgow, DJ Khaled and Trinidad James also contributed.


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