Battle for Skyark – Save Yourself, Don’t Watch This

Battle for Skyark movies
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Battle for Skyark – Save Yourself, Don’t Watch This
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That is unless you want something horrendously bad to laugh at and break down as what not to do.

I don’t typically write reviews but something about this movie struck me as so terrible that it had to be put into words. I will break this down into parts.

Writing/Screenplay : The lines in this movie were terrible, so many awkward moments, a lot of melancholy and drawn out scenes while the important scenes just seemed rushed and lacking substance.

I found myself wondering about half way through the movie how is could possibly not be over yet. The actions of the characters seemed almost random and as if they were incompetent. They would do something and almost immediately change their mind, or there would be a long pause to “think about” what you’re doing or should doing in an “act now” scenario.

The entire premise, plot, and plot development of the movie just seemed extremely half-baked and poorly done. Many parts of the movie just weren’t believable or made little to no rational sense. I could probably talk about how bad it is for an extremely long time but the point is made, it was bad.

Acting : The acting was severely lacking and did not seem natural at all. I’m certain some of this had to do with the writing because a lot of the lines in the movie were poor but the actors portrayal of their roles seemed all of the place and the emotional response that should be triggered by good acting was non-existent.

Their lines seemed forced. I honestly think that a significant portion of what made the acting bad was the bad writing, but this would only cause me to want to give a 1.5/10 if possible but it’s a not worth a 2/10 so it stays a 1.

Plot/Time line : The plot development and time line did not seem to progress smoothly. It was as if their way of portraying the passing of time was just the main character brooding constantly.

Battle for Skyark
Battle for Skyark

I could not tell if the movie was supposed to take place in the span of a couple days or a month or maybe it was years, probably not years but basically unable to tell. It probably did not help that I was laughing at how bad it was half the time and wondering if it could get any worse.

Effects : I will just briefly touch on this. The special effects were lacking in many areas, such as the action. There was continuity issues in a least a few places.

Lack of typical combat effects, blood and the like. It was a low budget film so some of that is excusable, but the basics should not have been missing.

Overall : Great movie to watch for what-not-to-dos. Bad movie to watch if you want quality entertainment.

Source: getowned-com – imdb


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