Big Game – Poorly executed but hat tip for poor budget

Big Game movies
Big Game movies
Big Game – Poorly executed but hat tip for poor budget
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Firstly I would like to start with commending Jalmari Helander for directing and writing the film, should be a real foot in the door into Hollywood especially considering the small 8.5 million euro budget (Most of which probably went into Samuel L Jackson’s pocket for his ‘so-called’ acting but we will cover that later).

The film is your typical 80’s action film, crisis with the president (Jackson) and the hero comes along to save the day (Tommila).

But unfortunately we have gone far past the 80s and the emergence of films such as Piranha or MacGruber, to name a few, have shown up to mock these.

Samuel L Jackson (Moore) is no stranger to poor movies base on a plane so luckily for him is chucked out of this one fairly promptly in an escape pod, on to the beautifully picturesque Korvatunturi mountains, when Air Force One is shot down by estranged terrorists lead by Hazar (Kurtulus) (Who can only tell they are terrorists because they see the terror in someone’s eyes?…. OK then).

Once bundled out the plane we realise that he has been betrayed by his head of security Morris (Stephenson) who he is forcing to retire (Never get told why might I add), and who is working with the ‘Terrorists’.

Luckily for Moore his pod is located by a 13 year old Oskari (Tommila) who has been struck out into the woods on his birthday to hunt something and return a man (Rubbish present).

Although he is no Bear Grylls, Oksari tries to exuberate confidence to the president and shows he knows what he is doing with statements such as ‘these are my woods’, and lets me honest I doubt very much that at the age of 13 any of us would have been able to hunt something unless we were playing Call of Duty.

Big Game
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But once realised from the pod a typical game of Cat and Mouse begins with the Hazar, Morris and crew hunting down the twosome, where unfortunately common sense does not prevail, where instead of the two heading for safety and doing the logical thing Oskari takes them further into the wilderness to find the ultimate hunting point, pointed out by Oskari’s dad (Who seemingly couldn’t care less that his son could get lost, or killed by a bear or hunted by terrorists).

Somehow after all this has happened the CIA appear to only to have the budget of this film with their efforts to locate their President being no existent, we would probably put more time, effort and money in trying to locate Katie Hopkins if her plane was shot down (Maybe not but you get my point).

But luckily the anti-terror expert Herbert (Broadbent) is on hand to know absolutely everything that is going and save the day (but not really).

Oskari and Moore keep heading to this famous hunting point to find a freezer (Which is somehow plugged into some electrics….. on a mountain) which has a deer’s head in it with a note saying happy birthday from his dad, which highlights to Oskari that his dad never really believed he could do it.

The rest is fairly predictable, terrorists show up, want to take Moore alive, stick him in the freezer take him away via helicopter, Oskari somehow saves him in typical terrorists could have prevented it a million types but still didn’t cliché fashion.

The rest follows as such: Free freezer from helicopter, roll into river, find crashed Air Force One, hide inside,get found, bomb planted, fight, ejector seat, flimsy bow and arrow hit to Morris’ chest dislodges bullet and some how gives him a heart attack (Never would have guess this from the amount of times the risk of this was mentioned previously), Morris having heart attack and falling from helicopter shoots pilot, crash, explosion, all hope lost as both Oskari and Moore are dead, surprise they’re not dead, Oskari is hero, everyone loves president again.

At the end it shows that Herbert and the Vice President were working together to get rid of the President so the VP could become the president. Once again big shock.

So to sum it up Director – Helander – not a bad job, can see something a little bigger coming his way, Jackson – Just wanted to get paid, Tommila – really well done for a young lad, felt like you got to know the character and see his journey to manhood, so well played him gold star.

The film was not great in all honesty, I can imagine would be a great watch for young lads under 13 as it is very simplistic, and it was laughably poor at times.

I would never watch this film again, but i would really like to Helander or Tommila in something else. But seriously if you are interested in watching this please wait until its realised on Netflix next month.

Source: Max bleakman -imdb


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