Biography of director Quentin Tarantino

Biography of director Quentin Tarantino
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Biography of director Quentin Tarantino

He is one of Hollywood’s most up-to-date directors, with an unmistakable style of filmmaking.

Quentin Tarantino was born on March 27, 1963 in Knoxville, Tennessee, United States. He attended a drama class at Fleming Junior High School. The following year, he attended Narbonne High School, but then dropped out a year later to attend an acting class at James Best Theater Company. After only two years, he began to feel discouraged and left the classroom, starting to work for the Video Archives. It was here that, along with other movie lovers, he found inspiration for his later film career. He said, “People have asked me if I attended any film school, so I said no, I went straight to the film.”

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In the 1980s, he met Lawrence Bender at a party. Bender encouraged Quentin to write the script, and they co-wrote the script for My Best Friend’s Birthday, but unfortunately all the film’s filming was destroyed in a fire, the plot of The latter is the backbone of True Romance.

Quentin began to be known in the early 1990s, when one of his re-enactments, Reservoir Dogs, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, and it quickly became a hit. Reservoir Dogs is a breakthrough in dialogue between the characters in the movie, which is the premise for Quentin’s subsequent films. After the success of Reservoir Dogs, Quentin went straight to Hollywood with many suggestions for film projects, including Speed ​​and Men in Black. Instead, Quentin went to Amsterdam to build scripts for his most successful film, Pulp Fiction. In Pulp Fiction, Quentin retains the exaggeration of violent elements and a non-linear plot that can be seen in the earlier Reservoir Dogs and in many of his later films. Along with Roger Avary, he received an Academy Award for Best Screenplay, and was nominated for Best Director.

After Pulp Fiction, he directed the fourth installment of the Four Rooms series, a remake of the legendary director Alfred Hitchcock. This film, along with some of his later films in the late 1990s, such as Jackie Brown (1997), From Dusk Till Dawn did not receive much praise from critics.One of the classic films of his directorial career is The hateful eight (2015). You can watch the movie at watch hateful eight online

The 2000s marked him with the famous films Inglorious Basterds and Kill Bill vol1, Kill Bill vol2. Kill Bill is Quentin’s second collaboration with actress Uma Thurman, while Inglorious Basterds is the start of his collaboration with Christopher Walzt, who recently won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. Django Unchained by Quentin.

One special thing is that you can recognize Quentin in a lot of supporting roles in his films, typically in Pulp Fiction as the host of Vincent’s best friend, or as in the Reservoir Dogs as Mr. Brown.

Ever since, Quentin Taratino has maintained the status of a top-notch director, shaping his personal style of cinema. Tarantino’s films are hard to define, serious but eerie, showing the ability to imagine a horizontal line in violent overtones, dramatic manner and dramatic dialogue. Most of all, they are attractive, made with a non-training cinematic thinking that is full of personality and talent.


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