Bone Tomahawk – Perfect Blend of Horror and Country

Bone Tomahawk movies
Bone Tomahawk movies
Bone Tomahawk – Perfect Blend of Horror and Country
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So I was excited about this film when I saw the trailer on facebook about three weeks ago. I tempered my optimism by telling myself the mash-ups of genres often fall flat on their face when it comes to movies.

So when it came it out I waited a day, didn’t read any reviews but saw a quick clip of Gemmi Galactic interviewing Mathew Fox and I thought I better just buckle down and watch the movie already. I can tell you that I wasn’t disappointed in the slightest.

This film is the perfect blend of country and horror, it does both well. If you are into a tense thriller that ends with a ton of action this movie is for you. It’s long for a horror flick almost two full hours, but I never felt restless.

The script moved you seamless through the story and the acting was spot on. The Indian cannibals was a really interesting twist and something I enjoyed immensely. The action had the perfect amount of gore, not the over the top kind where blood shots all over the place.

Bone Tomahawk movies
Bone Tomahawk movies (Source:

The lack of over the top theatrics added a sense of realism to the entire film. It felt as if you were watching something that could have actually taken place. Without the presence of a real supernatural threat this movie did more than hold it’s own.

Cabalism movies are something that don’t catch my interest too often, normally the entire flick rests on the writer trying to use the taboo to make you sick.

Often with the director or special effects crews trying to constantly show you people eating other people and pushing you into the boundary between being scared and wanting to turn it off because it isn’t scary but is just flat out revolting.

You won’t find that in Bone Tomahawk, the story and the acting carry the movie, and the brutal violence adds to the realism of the times and the situation they find themselves in.

If you are looking for something to watch during this Halloween season you should check this movie out. I would give the movie five out of five stars, or a nine out of ten. It was that good. I think you won’t be disappointed with the cost of a rental or the purchase of this movie.

Seriously set some time aside and check it out. You will find as a horror fan you recognize more actors than you would have thought for a straight to video movie. I hope we see more of this trend in the future I personally detest the theater and love watching movies in the comfy surroundings of my home.

As a side note you know it is good when my wife hides her eyes more than once. I call it the eye test LoL. Next cannibal movie on the list The Green Inferno, let’s hope it comes out on video soon.

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