Boyka Undisputed IV – Amazing – Fights and acting – Film very flawed though.

Boyka (Source:
Boyka Undisputed IV – Amazing – Fights and acting – Film very flawed though.
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Very minor spoilers ahead, which won’t really ruin anything in terms of plot, but if you want a completely fresh picture without any judgment – don’t read before watching.

Good/not bad :

If it was the fighting I would rate – wow! Brilliant and way more realistic than some of the acrobatic, physics defying nonsense we have seen in previous installments. Throughly impressed.

Visuals and cinematography were nothing too impressive, but some interesting angles that worked were used and fights were recorded in a very professional manner.

The style of the film reminds me very much of the oppression and hostility in eastern Europe/Russia, watch Boyka Undisputed IV movie online free 365movies.The accents worked well and the anger and sort of poverty shown were logically linked to the actual situation in those lands (speaking from experience)

Bad :

Plot? Generic and pretty easily predictable, although not painfully so. Most of the acting was great, especially from Adkins, but some, especially the extras just ruined some of the moments.

Sound and music – what the…? The music is misplaced and feels just random in some places, completely lacks any motive and just doesn’t fit. Some sound effects are literally ridiculous (example – when Boyka arrives to his room in Drovny, Russia, he takes off a picture to put a cross instead.

Boyka Undisputed IV
Boyka Undisputed IV (Source:

When he puts the picture on the bed it sounds as if he had dropped a nail on a metal floor (I know the bed is grim, but it does have a mattress)). A lot of “tightening rope” sounds. I get it, muscles are soooo toned and strong, that they make that sound, only that… they don’t. It’s a weird addition, which was used a slight bit in previous installments when the grapples and locks were performed, but here it’s even when the characters are flexing! Like what the hell!

Summing up:

Overall the movie seems rushed. It kind of split into two, as when you see the fights – you see intense scenes with great cinematography and well timed music (still ridiculous sound effects, but meh), whereas when you look at the rest of the movie, most scenes tend to remind of a small budget film with the style from 20- 30 years back.

Lifeless and random scenes, quite a bit of continuity errors in the beginning and what’s with the title, how bad was that? 😀

Bottom line – you want a cool film with Yuri Boyka fighting? Good, here it is. You want a movie that is up-to-date that will leave a mark for you? Move along, this will not do.

Source: Laurynas Zavackis – imdb


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