[Review] Breaking Bad – A monument to American dramas

[Review] Breaking Bad – A monument to American dramas
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Breaking Bad Review – Ten years have passed since Breaking Bad first surfaced and set up a monument in the history of dramas.

After five seasons, the series Breaking Bad finally broke into a happy state by winning the Primetime Emmy Award at the Emmy Awards. A full-fledged ending to the drama made the show air on screen in America and the world.

Sunday, 29 September 2013, the last episode of the film is shown. The journey of a poor teacher with cancer to become a notorious criminal also comes to an end.

Starting in 2008, every year a part of the movie, Vince Gilligan, along with AMC Television, with amazing creativity, has created an amazing, breathtaking, television series.


The film is about a middle-class American middle-class man, Walter White (Bryan Cranston) is a chemistry genius but due to lack of charm he can only become a regular high school teacher, wife – Skyler (Anna Gunn) is pregnant with her second child, in which her first child – Walter Jr. (RJ Mitte) suffers from cerebral palsy.

One day, Walter White found himself suffering from cancer and lived only two more years. Too stiff and grieving, plus the responsibility of a family man, Walter White has decided to collaborate with his former student Jesse (Aaron Paul) – a young addict ” “(Meth, an addictive drug) to make a living through the day.

Walter White, with his genius in chemistry, has crafted a distinctive blue “stone” with near perfect purity, creating a certain reputation among criminals. From there he changed his name to Heisenberg – a name that gradually became “class” became infamous.

Ironically, his brother-in-law, Hank Schrader (Dean Norris) is a drug-police cop. Thus, the underground life and everyday life of Walter White always have two sides of the opposite and cause conflicts as well as the inevitable unexpected.

From a person who did not participate in the distribution network, Heisenberg / Walter White became a bloody criminal who was willing to do anything to achieve his goals. The family is always peaceful and sufficiently provided. As such, like the floods, like the falls, Walter White and Jesse were swept into the wheel of sin, honor, existence and love.

The five parts of the film are filled with seemingly unbreakable conflicts between family relationships and crime, and Vince Gilligan takes the television audience into a seductively engaging battle that should be missed. The first episode seemed unstoppable.

When you indoctrinate it, you cannot wash it. Walter White, all you do with good cause is for your family, for you. He always thought that it would only be necessary to have a certain amount of capital for the children to go to college, so that his wife would not have to work hard when he was no longer in the world.

But life is not simple, especially the criminals are not simple, when the market of the underworld is always protected from other bosses, exotic things when approached it is eliminated if does not become part of that network.

Initially Jesse and some friends appointed to sell the “rock” of Walter White on a small scale, but can not when the quality of “old” teacher too good to become a thorn in the eyes of the name boss. So when it comes to dealing with such a criminal network, the only way to survive is to make yourself a criminal.

With great intelligence, Walter White has done it. But everything is worth it, every time he sees enough and withdrew once he sank deeper into the network, he left his family in danger, so that his brother’s paddle sticks as well. Hate his dark side more than ever.

The duality of Walter White, an inexperienced husband with his family, on the other is a criminal not from any tricks to protect his family’s fortune, making ourselves The viewer, naturally, falls into the whirlpool of righteousness, righteousness.

Vince makes us no longer distinguish good and evil. We all seem to be fans of Walter, though his cruelty has become increasingly unacceptable. Vince has hit the instinct of every individual, when evil is always a part of the human self, the evil of Walter has an irresistible charm. Anger and love have become fragile boundaries, moral morality has become a frail form, a shadow that the senses do not see and do not need to be identified.

We admire Walter White’s intelligence, ability to cope with great situations and a strong, assertive personality. But I also really sympathize with Jesse, his little pupil, the first thought is a stubborn youth, dry, only play the spoiled by the family abandoned.

Jesse is a character most clearly disoriented in the society of youth, the loss of family relationships, social. Drunkenness is just the way Jesse escaped his loneliness in order to find out a different reality and not so much of the real world.

Through the great psychological transformation, through the relationship of Jesse and his teacher, Jesse increasingly exposed the nature of a sentient, a rebellious guy just to bury his weak self. . A lonely young man, who always believes in his teacher, commits a crime every time he shakes, cries, and completely falls.

Walter White did not fight his dark side, letting himself fall deeper into sin. He always thinks “reason is bigger than purpose”, always doing bad things for his family. In fact, sometimes that is just the reason he spoke to his wife, with Jesse to justify the ambitious goal of being too intelligent but failing in life as he did.

Jesse has always struggled with his dark side, always wanting honestly and pitifully back to normal life. Jesse had never really needed the money, because he did not know how to spend money, had money to invest in a super-sound system, and then all the dusty friends beat day after day. You do not do anything, not smarter with the money you earn. With Jesse, I realize that he only makes money because he dislikes life, earn money for respect and listen to his teacher, old man dying cancer to raise his two children.

Jesse is sensitive and sorrowful, Walter White is strong and uncompromising. The two opposites of the two age differences, combined together, constitute a perfection in contradiction. Vince Gilligan has put a reasonable end to the character of both. Sowing seeds that fruit, the Buddha’s simple as the teaching of magic is extremely miraculous when applied to many places in this life.

But it’s not worth the audience’s admiration for Walter White if it’s not about the enemies he faces: Krazy-8 drug retailers, crime bosses and distribution networks. New Mexico’s Gus Fring in a shady, smart and kind chicken restaurant chain owner, Mike – a quiet, cold, old and experienced assassin, Todd and his uncles Jack and His fascist gang, …

All of these criminals were originally located on the upper deck and dominated the lives of Walter White and Jesse. But as his father still says, a mountain cannot have two tigers. When Heisenberg was too intelligent, his ambition and ambition was in conflict with professional criminals.

Just because he is so sublime in chemistry, everyone needs and retains his life, but then when they see the Heisenberg tiger hardly and dangerously, they all want to get rid of him. But, at this moment, the adventures, the ability to improvise with great situations, Walter White has caused admirable surprise when daring alone against the mafia. Delicate, powerful, assertive, and dangerous, Heisenberg has made himself a name that has earned him the respect he deserves.

And there’s a lot of fun, like the lawyer Saul Goodman, with the slogan “Better call Saul,” two pimps Skinny and Badger, chemist admired Walter White – Gale Boetticher.

Vince Gilligan has the cleverness and ingenuity of script processing, the cast is the sequel that makes the film so excellent. Not so, Bryan Cranston (Walter White), Aaron Paul (Jesse) and Anna Gunn as both pitiful and pitiful wife Skyler have been recognized by the Emmy.

The multiplicity in a story that is not so big makes Breaking Bad do what classic TV dramas do, which is characterization of the character. Each character is a particular color, a particular character, a special nature in a story full of conflict.

The five seasons, not as long as many movies like Friends (10 seasons), but the attraction is not less. The resonance from the excellence of the script, the cast, to the character lines that make every episode of the series look like a long wait. Vince Gilligan created an addictive drama for the audience as Walter White’s perfect “kick”.

Breaking Bad has become a phenomenon, has been called by the word “best drama of the times”, “an addictive drug,” … And it is worth every bit of it. Adjectives are given.

Breaking Bad brings a world where each person’s self cannot overcome fate, no matter how strong the ego is.

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