Captain Marvel – a big controversy between Marvel and DC

Captain Marvel – a big controversy between Marvel and DC
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Captain Marvel – a big controversy between Marvel and DC

Do you believe? There are many different versions of “Marvel” in the history of the comic world. These characters are depicted with different images from the logo, the power or the logo. However, we will talk about the two Captain Marvel being the subject of much controversy between the two comic fan communities coming from MCU and DCEU.

As known, Captain Marvel is the name most mentioned after the after-credit of the blockbuster Avengers: Infinity War. People are starting to look for and by default it’s the superhero hero rated as the most powerful MCU as well as one of the main factors to overturn the game, overthrowing the present Thanos. However, from nowhere, neighboring rivals DCEU is also launching a new super hero her. And the name is Captain Marvel. Everything is getting more complicated as the fanbase is getting more and more fierce, let’s go back in time to try to find out about this name:

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Shazam – Captain Marvel of DCEU:

His real name is Billy Batson, a homeless boy who loves to help others. One day, he encounters the Shazam witch and here he is given the spell. When he shouts to Shazam, a bolt of lightning hits him, then Billy becomes a Captain Marvel (Shazam). The superhero is red, with a yellowing of the chest and a white robe. Shazam possesses the power of a king and five deities, is rated as superman Superman, even more famous than Superman. He has a respectable speed, can fly, control lightning and use magic. Shazam also has the ability to pass on his powers to others, provided he treats them as family members.

Marvel và DC tranh cãi về cái tên Captain Marvel

Carol Danvers – Captain Marvel of MCU:

As captain of the Air Force, Carol Danvers was transferred to NASA. Once trapped in an explosion, she is affected by the explosion and after waking up, Carol discovers she has superhuman strength due to the mutation and perfect fit between the Kree and the Left. Land. This Marvel version of Captain Marvel has an incredible power, super fast and super powerful, in addition to being able to fly, absorb energy and survive in space, she can release energy from her hands, almost can not be physically harmed and Spider-Man equivalent sensitivity. Beside that terrible power, as a soldier, Captain Marvel’s melee abilities are excellent. The qualities are enough for her to be considered the most powerful superhero MCU.

Marvel và DC tranh cãi về cái tên Captain Marvel

The name must cover the scandal:

In 1953, Fawcett (the father of Captain Marvel / Shazam) stopped publishing the comic book Captain Marvel because of allegations of DC Comics that Fawcett had violated the copyright and Captain Marvel character is too much like Superman. The next lawsuit took place after DC Comics bought the rights to Captain Marvel. The lawsuit was filed by Marvel Comics, claiming that the name Marvel was copyrighted by Marvel and forced DC Comics to change its name. Eventually DC Comics decided to rename Captain Marvel to Shazam.

Marvel và DC tranh cãi về cái tên Captain Marvel

In fact, DC Comics’ Captain Marvel is more famous than the superhero of the same name from Marvel, because of the time that this name surpassed Superman. Captain Marvel just started to be curious and was on the search engines following the message of Nick Fury before he dissolved after a snapshot of Thanos. In essence, the superhero woman from Marvel is less well known. Is not it amazing? Not only that, there are many other Marvel versions in the comic world that you may have never heard of, such as Captain Mar-Vell (Marvel), Monica Rambeau (Marvel), Genis-Vell (Marvel) , Phyla-Vell (Marvel), Noh-Varr (Marvel). Interesting, is not it?

Debating is an interesting activity, but let’s have a broader view of the immense world of comics. Better known does not mean first and only.


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