Chris Hemsworth – Voyage from Thor to Brave Cavalry with endless efforts

Chris Hemsworth – Voyage from Thor to Brave Cavalry with endless efforts
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Starting his home business as Kim Hyde in the 2004 film Home and Away and appearing on screen, Chris Hemsworth did not stop there, continuing his acting career and reaching out to the world. In 2011, he stepped into Hollywood’s A-list by transforming himself into Thunder Thor with his handsome, muscular body, waving the hearts of many female viewers in the movie of the same name. Since then, Chris Hemsworth has been known to many more people around the world and is one of the most sought after names. But few know that, to be as it is today, he has to exercise crazy, many times to audition and then slip, participate in many films but hard to impress the audience even near to take Thor as another actor.

Rising to A-Star in Hollywood from TV star in his hometown

Chris Hemsworth was born into an Australian family with three sons who went on to pursue a career. Following his older brother, Luke Hemsworth, who plays Ashley Stubbs in the Westworld series, Chris auditioned for Robbie Hunter in Australia’s Home and Away TV series but failed. In return, he was casted as Kim Hyde and this role was successful beyond expectations. After appearing in the 171 episodes of this series, Chris was nominated for two Silver Logies in the Most Popular Male and Male Star category in the future, winning the Logie Award in the new Favorite category. Best. However, at this time, Chris has just been known in the home country, but not really shine around the world.

Having succeeded as Kim Hyde, Chris began to embark on the Hollywood world, opening up the role of George Kirk, the father of James T. Kirk in Star Trek in 2009. However, he only appeared for a few minutes. at the beginning of the film and leave no impression whatsoever. In the same year, Chris starred in the thriller A Perfect Getaway, but did not capture much of the world’s attention, because the film itself was only made with modest budgets and money. no more than a few.

2009 was a very important milestone in Chris’s life. He started his career in Hollywood this year with faint roles but at the same time there were events that made his life and career come to a whole new level. In addition to Star Trek and A Perfect Getaway, he also starred in the thriller The Cabin in the Wood with Joss Whedon as screenwriter – who later directed the The Avengers. The Cabin in the Wood began filming in 2009 but not until 2012 was released. Thanks to this film, Chris has the opportunity to meet Joss Whedon and caught his eye.

In that year, Marvel announced the casting for Thor. Chris was excited to audition but failed. Instead, Liam Hemsworth’s brother was included in the final five nominations for the role. Upon hearing the news, Joss Whedon contacted director Kenneth Branagh to ask Chris for a chance. At the next audition, Chris performed better than the shoulder before and finally shoulder Thunder also belong to him. When the film debuted in 2011, Chris proved to director Kenneth that the second chance he gave him was not wasted. With a strong body, masculine face that fits in with the image of the goddess, Chris captures the hearts of millions of viewers (especially female viewers) and becomes an actor who is picked up by the filmmakers. in Hollywood.

The process of hard training to transform into Thor brave

Many people think that Chris Hemsworth received the Thor character as a result of luck and had a well-toned body. But few know that in order to get those muscular dreams, he had to practice crazy in the gym. Despite his prominent height and body toned body, at the time of Thor’s arrival, Chris was still too thin for the standard. He has to grow up to 9kg with a diet rich in protein and rigorous exercise. Even rehearsing is harder than filming. He works continuously 6 – 7 days a week, unable to sit normally with new weight. In particular, he did not use steroids but did it all in the traditional way.

The practice is much more difficult when Chris continues to join Thor: Ragnarok. At that time, Chris was nearly 34 years old and health was not as before. But in order to have a good body and not disappoint the audience, he still struggled hard before shooting.

Efforts to get rid of the shadow of Thor and not be framed on the muscle image

Raising on Thor’s shoulder and muscular six-inched muscles, Chris does not want to be framed for the role and image. After finishing the two parts of Thor, Chris also tried on other films and lost weight to not be framed on the shoulders of corn. He transforms into a hunter hunter in Snow White and the Huntsman, a dashing wild-life rider in Rush and a brave deputy in In the Heart of the Sea. In particular, in order to play the role of Captain Owen Chase in In the Heart of the Sea, he had to lose a large amount of muscle that many viewers had to wonder.

Later, he quickly regains his muscular body to return to Thor’s role as Thor: Ragnarok. And recently, the audience saw him on the big screen but with a different image – the brave US soldier on horseback against the Taliban in 12 Strong.

Set in a few weeks after the Sept. 11 attacks, the film tells a group of 12 special forces troops sent to Afghanistan to take part in a war aimed at destroying the Taliban and Al Qaeda allies. In 12 Strong, audiences will witness Chris Hemsworth playing Captain Mitch Nelson leading 11 cavalry fighters. As the protagonist of the film, Mitch Nelson is definitely a potential role for Chris to show his acting and acting skills. In particular, this is the first work that Chris Hemsworth and his wife Elsa Pataky have the opportunity to join together. Elsa’s role is no different than the real life – Jean Nelson and Mitch’s wife.

With action, fire, dramatic fire, horse riding, fierce gunfights, stunts, and courageous images, 12 Strong is definitely a cinematic performance. Audiences love action action movies, and especially Chris Hemsworth fans should not be overlooked.

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