The comments of the length of theatre for film Hellraiser: Judgment 2018

The comments of the length of theatre for film Hellraiser: Judgment 2018
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Hellraiser: Judgment 2018

I am a HUGE fan of the Hellraiser mythos. The aesthetics, the lore, the characters. After watching the original as a teenager the lead character ‘Pinhead’ needled his way into my consciousness as the primary ‘horror character’ of my dreams/nightmares. He left such an impression that it wasn’t long before i chased down his original appearance in Clive Barker’s (master of the macabre) novella ‘The Hellbound Heart’ and became absolutely smitten for life.

Armed with such impressive enthusiasm i devoured every Hellraiser movie as soon as it became available. My infatuation notwithstanding i couldn’t help but notice the gradual decline in quality as each subsequent effort was released. Apart from ‘Hellraiser 4 – Bloodline’ there was a clear degradation in the caliber of film being presented. It was getting beyond embarrassing.

Understandably my expectations for the 10th film were about as high as my expectations of answering the door to a scantily clad Drew Barrymore offering me a cigar made from rolled up $100 notes, as she ushered me onto her private jet for a life of pool-side tickle-fighting.

My impression from having JUST finished watching the movie is,… relief. The people who made this film DIDN’T just churn out the product and slap the ‘Hellraiser’ name on it like the last 5 movies. There was some actual THOUGHT put into the script and i was grateful to not be able to predict the plot at every turn.

This is in no way the BEST film in the world, or even the best film in the series, but easily in MY top 3 of the series. If you’re in to Hellraiser like I am, then im sure you’ll enjoy it. If you’re NOT into Hellraiser,.. then i hereby forbid you to watch it.

Seen every movie in this franchise, my fun ended with the third part for obvious reasons. With every following sequal i had my hopes up, just to be dissapointed again and again.When i saw this trailer my hope started to flicker again. The trailer was what i was hoping for. So i started watching this one while being curious and eager.

The bottomline is that this is not the entry we hope it is. But it isnt as bad as some of the entries either. Basiclly its those last 20 minutes you want and for that youll have to go through 60 minutes of scenes full with nonsense, boring set pieces and a lot of typing. If you find yourself at the end of that boring, long road youll get to experience just a little of the old vibe. And although not the strongest bits in the series, satisfying nonetheless.

The end creates chances for another weak entry or even a reboot. All in all i would hope they would for once invested a big budget in this franchise. All those little snacks here and there doesnt make for the meal we are so hungry for. I didnt expect anything before seeing this. My faves are the second one and Inferno (the latter for the production quality & story). This one isnt actually bad – while there is no Doug Bradley – the story isnt tooooo bad, there is a pretty lame twist however leading up to that the acting & story are OK.

The premise is that there is some kind of hellish bureaucracy sending sinners to a tormented hell and Pinhead appears to be a senior middle manager in that arrangement. there is a bit of gore, the actors at the start are new and quite exciting. There are some fairly gross bits that go beyond normal Hellraiser gore too. Not bad overall and this one has a better look and feel than its budget suggests.


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