“Avengers: Infinity War”: Compassion for Thanos? You are not the only one!

“Avengers: Infinity War”: Compassion for Thanos? You are not the only one!
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“Avengers: Infinity War”: Compassion for Thanos? You are not the only one!

The appearance of Thanos in “Avengers: Infinity War” not only makes the audience surprised, satisfied but also gives the character psychological depth. Obviously after all, Thanos is as pitiful as anyone!

Sad people need a hug, over here Thanos sad must make a big hug big enough. Crazy Titan appears in the comic as a tyrant, a suitor of the universe, who grows up with a different complexion and superior strength.

On the film’s surface, Thanos is a farmer who plows his face, sacrifices his opponents to “gank” his face, but still needs to be stoned to steal jewels, not to steal. He heathens, mighty, emotional life, rational, not in the hands of the brave Hulk, dare to think dare, have the ideal. After the Infinity War, there emerged a powerful audience claiming to be #TeamThanos.

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Bad luck

In the story, born on the Titan planet because of the difference in skin color and appearance that Thanos never find a person to vote for, is always alienated.

Avengers: Infinity War: Cảm thương cho anh da tím Thanos? Bạn không phải người duy nhất! - Ảnh 2.

On the screen, to have children, both children are insolent. Parents do not expect you to live well, but two daughters of Thanos have turned to him as a hand. His first daughter, Gamora, was born with a nasty fate. Nebula’s second-in-command was always assassinated.

Avengers: Infinity War: Cảm thương cho anh da tím Thanos? Bạn không phải người duy nhất! - Ảnh 3.

In the film there are many details show the concern Thanos for the children, but in return the spirit of fire to kill your father still drowned. The image of Thanos mercy for her daughter Gamora (before throwing her a circuit to the ground) in exchange for the Soul Stone is quite clear a Thanos has a private mind. Conflict Thanos – Gamora has pushed Thanos from an evil “lord”, the butcher of the universe down to a bad father position but somehow still loves his children. Actor Thanos – Josn Brolin said: “He is capable of deep love.” Obviously, a criminal love is not necessarily evil.

Love unilateral horizontal left

In the story, Thanos met and fell in love with Death – the entity representing death – unfortunately she did not like him back. It is Thanos’s motive for killing half of the universe, summoning Death, to see this ticklish girl. Too fortunate on the film people have changed the reason for this crazy part to become more rational.

Unfortunately, Death has fallen in love with the Deadpool mercenary, who is almost immortal. In terms of mouth, Thanos also have to run a new pool, in terms of appearance … well that’s out of consideration. If the pool is easy to die like a normal person does not say, he has the ability to heal very fast, being “literally stripped” literally but not dead. It is the tragedy of a love affair. In one episode, the two have reluctantly joined forces to save their lover when Death was kidnapped by Eternity, causing the whole universe to live forever without death.

Avengers: Infinity War: Cảm thương cho anh da tím Thanos? Bạn không phải người duy nhất! - Ảnh 4.

Poor, a man on the road to picking up / stealing gems that constantly be beaten, punched, axed on people, lulled, deceived … No complaints, young people happy “all” super hero. The film Iron Man Thanos or tucked the Hulk decomposed shows the incomparable power of a deadly seven death of the crazy Titan, but never regarded him as a private matter to revenge. In his eyes, human life is the same and things are “crank” as a barrier on the path of service.

Clear idea, coherent thinking but no one supports it

Instead of the “flirting” plan by killing half of the universe in the comic, Thanos’s version of the MCU has a more rational goal: to help keep the house warm, to eradicate the population boom. .

What Thanos really cares about in the Infinity War is just wiping out half of the network, bringing balance to all. The crazy Titan does not specifically target the planet, the nation or the individual, but he is concerned only with the “macro” range that prevents the explosion of the population, which has ruined Titan’s home planet. Thanos also does not care about the rich and the poor, so the flick to sweep half the population of the universe is completely random. Of course, no one said that flipping the “universe” was the truth, but Thanos’s clear goal was something everyone could understand.

At the end of the film, the audience is a little wistful to see the image of Thanos sitting alone in solitude before sunset. There is no subordinate, relatives, friends there to compliment what he did is right. It is a man who is happy with the result of the purification of his population without the need for a social revolution.

No doubt, Thanos is the embodiment of the best MCU to date, a rival that the current Avengers have not seen the door to win and also the most impressive antagonist with the audience. For many, this is an arrogant and heartless, and for some, the journey to get the infinite and the goal behind it is just too damn good!


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