Deadpool 2: Will Success Be Part 1?

Deadpool 2: Will Success Be Part 1?
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The superhero “jealous” has returned. Will this time Deadpool have made the feat as part 1?
In 2016, after the launch, Deadpool has created a huge fever in the world. The superhero “bionic” nobody compares to sweep the box office to succeed “pocket” more than 700 billion dollars. Deadpool is now the highest grossing film of all time.

The content of Part 1 focuses on explaining the origins and also on the way to the superhero of Deadpool. Wade Wilson is a mercenary. After discovering himself suffering from cancer, he accepted the invitation to take part in a secret experiment hoping to get out of his death. (Initially Wade Wilson was tricked into thinking that this was a government experiment. issued by another organization). Actually, the cancer was no longer a worry in Wade Wilson’s life, but from here his destiny has completely changed.

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He found himself possessed of amazing skills: instantaneous movement, speed of the body, self-regeneration, immortality, … But what has two sides of it, after the experiment , the appearance of Wade Wilson is transformed and becomes ugly horror. So he decided to take the gun to destroy those who have messed up his life and nicknamed “Deadpool.”

If the words can be a weapon then surely “talk a lot, chatter” is an absolute strength of Deadpool. Sections of the guy looking straight at the screen and babble with the audience, whether in the intense battle or intimate hot with the lover is the top humor of the film. However, what “too” is not good. For English-speaking audiences it’s a bit hard to keep up with the dialogue, let alone the subtitles. Not only that, using so many comic elements in the style of American culture with “pagan” audiences is sometimes counterproductive.

The action factor in Deadpool was built quite strong and drastic, completely satisfying the audience, especially the original fans. For Ryan Reynolds, although the majority of the time in the film actor must wear a mask, but Deadpool is certainly his best role ever. Flexible body language and radio station with humorous dialogue helped the star perform successfully in the character of the character.

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After the first part, director David Leitch, who succeeded John Wick’s action thriller, will replace director Tim Miller to take on Deadpool 2. David Leitch’s appearance makes fans expect that the character In the new movie, this drama will be more exciting, dramatic and attractive.
Aside from the director position, the cast also has some interesting additions.ư

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The villain in the second part is Cable by male star Jossh Brolin. Cable is from the future to perform the task of destroying a child – the one he later will become a powerful mutant. Interestingly enough, Jossh Brolin also plays Thanos, the mightiest destroyer of the galaxy, causing Marvel’s superheroes to be miserable. That’s why the Deadpool 2 trailer was not released long ago, Deadpool is “familiar mouth” rock swirling: “Do not discriminate, Thanos.
Confronting Cable, Deadpool can not stand alone but need help. So an army named X-Force was born.

Dominoes are played by female star Zazie Beetz. This character was also a mercenary and a “product” after a secret experiment like Deadpool. It is unclear what the real possibility of Domino is but in the trailer, when the casting to the selection of Deadpool, despite the negative of the “jury”, she still thinks that “lucky” is a super type. capacity. In fact, any superhero, no matter how good it is, still needs good luck!

In addition to Domino, there are other new faces, such as Bedlam, the character in the comic that has the ability to create electromagnetic fields, destroying any technological device. With two metal swords, Shatterstar became a warrior with the ability to fight hard and make everyone obey. Surge – girl capable of absorbing and releasing electricity …

The wicked and the character system is expanded, this battle of Deadpool will make viewers happy?

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Deadpool 2 overcomes the shortcomings that followed the success of Part 1? This task seems more and more difficult when the film launches immediately after the blockbuster super hero Avengers: Infinity War. Check out Deadpool’s performance and the guys on May 18.

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