Deadpool – On the verge of being a masterpiece aside from a couple of faults!

Deadpool 2016
Deadpool 2016
Deadpool – On the verge of being a masterpiece aside from a couple of faults!
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I would have rated Deadpool an 8…or perhaps even a nine……had it not been for the over-the-top swearing and a bit of the gratuitous violence.

Now before some of you jump down my throat, bear with me for a moment as I walk you through my thought process and explain why I feel this way.

In addition, I’ll preface this by saying that I get that it’s Deadpool as I am quite familiar with the source material – I have read several of the comic books/graphic novels.

First, let’s start with the swearing shall we.

I, myself am known to swear…sometimes often…not so much that it would cause someone to think I have an extremely limited vocabulary, but often enough! However, from what I can recall, Deadpool didn’t swear a ton in the source material.

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Matter of fact, I can’t quite remember him swearing at all in the comics. Not saying it didn’t happen, but I can’t recall it happening; which suggests that it didn’t happen often enough for me to notice, and certainly not enough for it to become trite.

For me, part of the reason Deadpool is so damn funny (and lovable), is because he’s so darn clever while at the same time remaining utterly innocent. This IMHO, is what keeps him teetering on the verge of annoying the crap out of everyone to the point where no one can stand him. His charm is in this ability to be clever in such an innocent manner, that even if he sometimes crosses that line of bothersome to the point of being annoying, he’s easy to forgive. His innocence is what makes him endearing while at the same time making him tolerable.

Unfortunately for me, when you have a script calling for the character to swear like Barnacle Bill the Sailor, it nullifies any ability for the character to appear innocent and instead, simply makes him look like a tool or a jerk. There were moments of brilliance in this movie where you would see glimpses of Deadpool possessing this innocence and charm; only for a twinkling of a moment, before it is quickly dissolved by a poorly timed cuss here or there. For me, it was a negative as it took away from a lot of the charm that makes Deadpool great.

In regards to the gratuitous violence, I am a little more forgiving here as this is for the most part a bit more unavoidable if you are sticking to the source material. Having said that, it would have been nice if they tried a bit harder to avoid some of the graphic violence, or at least toned it down a smidge in an effort to appeal to a wider audience. Personally, I would have loved to have taken my daughter to see this at the theater, but because of the extreme violence, decided against it and thus, didn’t go to the theater to see it myself.

Regardless, Ryan Reynolds does an excellent job as Deadpool, but that’s not saying much as Reynolds was pretty much born to play this role. I can’t imagine there was a lot of character research that went into this role, nor was there a need for Mr. Reynolds to “get into character”. My impression is that the two are very similar and that there wasn’t too drastic a change when Reynolds had to become Wade Wilson.

As far as the direction is concerned, Tim Miller does a brilliant job for the most part. There are some moments of pure directorial genius in this film, such as the opening scene where the car is flipping over in slow motion to the song, “Angel of the Morning”. Pure genius!

For the most part the writing is good with only one or two questionable moments where I felt like the script was lacking.

Overall, Deadpool is an enjoyable movie that stays pretty close to the source material. Had it done the things I mentioned above, without question I would have given the movie an 8 rating, perhaps even a 9. If it could have done that as well as avoiding those couple of lackluster moments in the script, I would have considered this a comic book movie masterpiece!

Source: Brad Clark – imdb


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