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Death Wish Netflix
Death Wish Netflix
Death Wish Netflix – Watch movies Online Full HD
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Death Wish Netflix – Watch movies Online Full HD. Watch movies for free. Constantly updating Hot movies being screened in theaters. TV shows are also updated here. And as Carpenter made it a much more entertaining movie not only in special effects but in the portrayal of human relationships, so does Eli Roth in Death Wish. A doctor’s motivation to preserving life as the hero makes more sense than Bronson’s architect in stopping ruthless criminals who end life without hesitation with a police force already overwhelmed by gang violence in the city of Chicago.

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Every little detail that drove the plot just made sense from the interesting use of smartphones and security cameras to political and racial discussions on vigilantism through media feeds on both sides of the political spectrum. I felt this movie more cathartic for those on both sides of the gun control issue and what drives the recent school shootings. It also proposes scenarios how guns are acquired legally and illegally that I think very few consider in this debate. There are no mentally ill people shooting bad or good guys unless you consider Bruce Willis’s doctor character as such.

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This movie took me out of that mindset and just let me be entertained. A very well told story. One of the better most recent Bruce Willis movies. He has been making a stream of B-class movies recently that have been sub standard. I like this movies as it is simple, predictable and fun. We know who the bad guy is and what will most likely happen. I like it that the movies does touch upon the need for guns. However, all movies have some fantasy. I did have a hard time picturing Bruce Willis character as a surgeon. He was too buff. I can understand why this movie may not do well in the current anti-gun environment. Poor timing on movie release. Which is why I gave it such a high rating, as it pushes against mass hysteria against guns. Watch Death Wish Netflix very nice.

Death Wish Netflix
Death Wish Netflix

I loved this! I imagine the bad reviews are politically motivated as this film is unequivocally great. It starts off slowly, so you’re not quite sure how Bruce’s sombre doctor character is going to develop, which I think is deliberate. Because as the film progresses it’s awesome to watch his transformation into a revenge-driven vigilante. This film has great action, thrills, an excellent albeit known storyline, a loveable hero in Bruce Willis, who is in fine form btw and some really clever humour. The way the film has been updated for the modern day, including the way people take videos and photos and discuss things on social media, is brilliant. I think this movie deserves way more praise and recognition than it is getting. Go see it!

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One thing is for certain this movie definitely triggered left leaners. In which whom gave it a 15% rotten (with an 85% audience like.) Then you look at all of the reviewers and they are all writing for far left sites like huffpo, NYT,etc. Every single one mentions the words ‘gun nut’ ‘macho fantasy’ and ‘gun violence’ as well as a few other buzzwords you see quite often. We’re now at the point where critics virtue signal and pander to the audience that their website draws in as well as allowing their political leanings to influence their view. After all these were the same critics that gave the Ghost Busters remake an 80% because woo feminism. Watch Death Wish Netflix very great!


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