Die laughing with six secret behind the scenes of the actor “Fifty Shades Freed”

Die laughing with six secret behind the scenes of the actor “Fifty Shades Freed”
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Here are some of the behind-the-scenes secrets behind the scenes of the ” Fifty Shades Freed “.

Thank you to heaven and earth, the last part of Fifty Shades Freed has closed the series of three films of the 50 Shades already! For so long, this work has been controversial when it was adapted from the novel of the same name by writer E. L. James. The film is a close-knit tale of the love of poor students Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) and young billionaire Christian Gray (Jamie Dornan).

Though critically acclaimed even with its superficial content, the series is based on the combination of romantic romance and bizarre sexuality, with many of whom Film tickets are as expensive as fresh shrimp, bringing in billion for the producer.

While the film is still drawing the attention of viewers to the story of a narrative, the secrets behind the hot scenes of the movie are also revealed.


1. Pants – lining – super – stick

Although they look like the characters are naked together, in fact, they are wearing “protective gear” in front of the lens. Actress Dakota Johnson said she wore slim pants that were attached to her body:

“I wear a slit like a breast patch, except for sticking it down, but since it’s only partially sticky, it sometimes goes off, so they put the glue on. I have to wear two, no pain, no feeling at all, I find it very weird. ”

Meanwhile, actor Jamie Dornan shared that he was wearing a protective bag, which was later seen by Dakota as “really not sexy at all.”

2. Fake fur from hair

Although this is something that does not appear on the film, Jamie Dornan shared in the promotion of 50 Shades that he once … glued a bunch of wigs to the crotch as a teenager. This is the result of the sick advice of the group to be able to saw the girl he is looking for.

It was not clear what happened next, but Jamie added that he also had some body hairs at that time and when they finished the wigs they also followed….

3. Fake fur by skill

Filming Seamus McGarvey later recalled his 50-time performance, proudly sharing one of the most memorable moments.

Because actress Dakota Johnson had to wear protective clothing, so after the shoots, Sean added body parts to the character. “I do not dare to say this is one of the career highlights, but it’s certainly one of the most surreal scenes.”

4. Stuntman

Do not think there is only one action movie with stuntman. For example, Anastasia was an innocent student while actor Dakota Johnson tattooed the lower part of the body, so the filmmaker used a “butt instead” for this scene.

Meanwhile, Jamie Dornan’s stuntman Peter James Gray was too embarrassed to share the filming of the 50-man film.

5. Sex experts

In the beginning of Fifty Shades Gray, Jamie Dornan has an expert to help guy on the set. In the later part of the film crew is a team dedicated to advising the use of toys and sex tools to make the scene look more “professional”.

6. The scene is worth the most

Jamie Dornan has actually had a full face-to-face scene, but they were cut at the backstage. Director James Foley later announced the decision to cut the scene was because he felt it was unnecessary.

While Dornan supported this decision, many wondered why Dakota’s Anastasia character had to boast more than Christian or that it was the general status of many films labeled with sensitive scenes.

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