Doragon bôru Z – Fukkatsu no ‘F’ – Too Bad It Didn’t Have A Wider Release

Doragon bôru Z
Doragon bôru Z
Doragon bôru Z – Fukkatsu no ‘F’ – Too Bad It Didn’t Have A Wider Release
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I saw this movie last Saturday with a friend. I saw how this was playing in various movie theaters, but only one time that day in all the movie theaters I looked at, before noon.

I purchased the tickets online the day before, and was only able to get seats in the front for me and my friend as this was a theater with assigned seats. When I got there, I heard that the movie was sold out minus one seat. I’m sure it was sold out at most of the other movie theaters you guys watched it at.

I also noticed how most of the people in the movie theater were my age, young adults. I didn’t see that many kids there, I guess we grew up with Dragon Ball Z more than they did. There was a lot of laughter in the movie theater. It was also very cool to see the voice actors answer DBZ trivia before the movie.

Some of the questions were hard to answer, even for DBZ fans. I also liked how this movie started with the Toei logo, a scene of nature where a wave crashes into rocks. It was also very cool to see the action we see on Dragon Ball Z, at the movie theater
Watch Dragon Ball Z Fukkatsu no F free online It had such a limited release, so it was definitely something to remember and like a more memorable movie experience than a movie with a wider release.

So, I’ve talked about the pleasant experience of seeing this movie in the movie theaters. What about the movie? Well, I thought this movie was good too. Definitely a better movie than Battle Of Gods.

Despite how Battle Of Gods introduces us to new characters, Beerus and Whis and brought us back to Dragon Ball Z long after the series had ended, that movie wasn’t well done, this movie was better. What made this movie better, well for one this movie had more action and fighting than Battle Of Gods.

Also, I’ve heard a lot of people making comments on that movie about how Goku and Vegeta were out of character. In this movie, they stay in character from how they are in the series. The person who seemed out of character was Gohan, as he seemed like a very big character with huge power ups in the series, but in this movie while he remains one of the main characters, unlike other characters in the series who were phased out in this movie, he doesn’t seem quite as powerful or important. His character isn’t even as recognizable.

Also, while effects have gone up since the series aired, I feel like the background images are cooler, but the animation of the characters doesn’t look quite as good as it did when the series aired. So, I prefer the original animation minus the background images.

What was also really cool about the movie, well basically anybody who watched the series and especially the later episodes, knows that the non-saiyan characters seemed to shine less in the series.

Even though they might be weak compared to the Saiyans, they still had really powerful moves, so you wanted to see them in action. We don’t see characters like Android 18 fight in battles even when she could dominate a Super Saiyan, so I believe there are characters Toriyama wants to show fight while there are other characters he just leaves out.

What I liked the most was how we saw Master Roshi fight when he wasn’t in any fights in Dragon Ball Z, minus the movies, more specifically Worlds Strongest. Considering how strong he was in DragonBall, and how he was a master of Martial Arts along with being a dirty, yet wise old man it was great to see his character shine in this movie, along with Tien and Krillin, fighting opponents they could stand against.

It was also great seeing Frieza as a villain again. Frieza is arguably DBZ’s most iconic villain. He’s a lot of people’s favorite Villain in DBZ, and favorite saga. Even when I watched DBZ when I was younger, I noticed how Frieza’s story seemed to make the most sense storyline.

Doragon bôru Z - Fukkatsu no 'F'
Doragon bôru Z – Fukkatsu no ‘F’

After Frieza, it seemed like Toriyama tried coming up with clever ways to top Frieza that didn’t work quite as well, and come up with new transformations when becoming a Super Saiyan stopped being a big deal, that still worked but did not work quite as well.

Super Saiyan is very cool, Super Saiyan 2 is underused and usually they leave out the bolts, Super Saiyan 3 is very cool, Mystic Saiyan though cool seems forgotten, Super Saiyan God is lame, a Super Saiyan 4 though non-canon looks more powerful and intense.

Frieza’s battle on Namek was definitely the most pain inducing battle, along with a battle showing the biggest gap in Power. Goku seemed to push himself more with Frieza than he did any other fight. So, it was cool seeing Frieza as a villain again. He seemed to stay in character.

There are some inconsistencies, as there are numerous inconsistencies in DragonBall Z. Some of them will immediately come to your mind, some won’t unless you think deep about it.

Toryiama forgets things in the series, as he forgot about Launch from DragonBall. Still, he writes the series well. If somebody else besides Toriyama tries to write the series, it won’t work as we see that with Dragon Ball G.T. This movie seems canon to the series, more so than the other movies, and more so than Dragon Ball G.T.

In all, the movie was a fun memorable movie experience. It could have been a little better if it had more suspense in the movie, but it was great and I give it an 8.

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