The evidence of Captain America being “the lord” at Marvel is here!

The evidence of Captain America being “the lord” at Marvel is here!
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The evidence of Captain America being “the lord” at Marvel is here!

Point to 24 moments to see that Captain America is a not-so-moderate type.

Possessing deep blue eyes like the ocean, golden hair like the sun and the standard body to millimeters, beauty is not yet all to explain why Steve’s “harem” Rogers is increasing with each film.

Our America’s superhero, our superhero, besides fighting all day with super-robots, aliens, artificial intelligence, and forthcoming superhero coming from outer space, is busy. How are so many “hotboy” in cleaning up their relationship. Well can not blame anyone, because the unstoppable charm of the guy has “accidentally” caused the mission to drop the sky.

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Steve – Bucky: We are a code structure

Before being injected with super-serum to become America’s hero, Steve Rogers was a malnourished, weak, stunted boy. At that time, his friend, who had been Steve’s only survivor since his mother’s death, was none other than Bucky Barnes. They both grew up fighting for the Fatherland when Bucky died, and then suddenly returned to the identity of The Winter Soldier, Steve always cherished and vowed to protect his friends better than any. who on this life.

Steve – Tony: love each other bite pain

The relationship between Captain America and Iron Man is a completely different school. Tony is the first friend in the modern world to welcome Steve after 70 he froze, which made Steve very grateful. In addition, both are co-workers of the Avengers, and with their counterparts, the pair are always extremely controversial.

Unfortunately, Bucky, a childhood friend of Steve, murdered his parents Tony as the Winter Soldier, so Tony resolves to kill Bucky to “pay for his blood.” Standing between two close friends, Steve chose Bucky, causing Tony to hurt deeply.

Well, actually, fangirls can explain this shorter relationship with just one sentence: “I get along well but it’s not love”, sorry Tony, I’m just a follower.

Steve – Natasha: When a girl meets a serious young man

Steve Rogers has never shown the face of a man he lived nearly a hundred years old, while Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow) is a female killer or seemingly life. The duo seem to be contradictory, but are always a good team, typically in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Actually for Natasha, Steve does not need to do much, just sit still and show the beauty, for a long time, heroes save the beauty is sure to fall down!

Steve – Peggy: First love is hard to fade

Peggy Carter, a famous WWII amateur agent, one of the first members of SHIELD, could not escape Steve Rogers’ “love network.” If anyone says she loves beauty then mistakenly, before Steve injected serum, Peggy fell in front of his good heart, grace!

Unfortunately, the couple’s love affair did not have a happy ending. Steve’s warships hit Antarctica and Peggy thought he was dead. When Steve woke up 70 years later, it was too late for any healing.

Well, just a bit handsome, a little kind, a little kind and Steve Rogers was “holding” almost all the MCU and nothing else. Let’s see how many US captains are dropping and how many victims will eat in Avengers: Infinity War (Avengers) will debut on April 25!


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