Fallen – They missed so much out!!!

Fallen movies
Fallen movies
Fallen – They missed so much out!!!
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I saw the trailer for Fallen and I got so excited given the fact that I read the novels and loved them! I considered it to be better than Twilight since the characters were much more dynamic and lively and all seemed to clash with each other in lovable ways!

However when I watched the movie I was so disappointed, I mean I have a weakness for light leaks and bokeh effects, but in terms of the narrative, they missed so much out.

First of all the characters, I wanted to see Arriane’s sexy idgaf attitude who immediately befriends Luce, asking her to cut her hair off etc, but instead she was awkward and almost too relaxed given the fact she calls herself a “psychopath” in the novel.

Roland wasn’t cheeky, and we barely saw his platonic friendship with Arriane. Cam was a huge disappointment considering he was meant to be tall, dark and handsome who has a cutting edge to him (with a tattoo might I add), instead we got a boyish character who doesn’t even really seem to know who he’s meant to be.


Daniel was meant to be rude in the beginning, not caring, in fact having a very irritable mood whenever Luce was about, but he always looked scared in the movie, as if he farted and someone called him out on it. Penn was the only character who I thought was better in the movie than in the novel, she was hilarious and tied the whole thing together.

I won’t lie when she died in the book I was so happy, she depressed me so much but in the movie I found myself empathising for her, despite the anticlimactic death she was given.

Secondly the locations, where the hell was the cemetery and lake? Did no one think that they were pretty important places considering the cemetery was her and Cam’s little spot and the lake was a place for her and Daniel?

They both symbolised different, but key aspects to the film because of the moments that took place there! You can’t just leave important bits out like Luce’s best friend! I bet no one remembered her either…

Lastly bits of the narrative that just don’t add up. Why doesn’t Daniel have violet eyes? Why is the swimming pool steaming? Why didn’t Trevor combust when he and Luce kissed, instead of setting a whole house on fire

Why isn’t it mentioned that Penn’s dad was the groundskeeper at Sword and Cross? Why did they make Luce kind of fall for Cam when there were barely any moments they had together, despite the croaky voiced conversations and weird vibes?

Why did none of the other characters have a whole minute of dialogue? Why oh why oh why?

Source: g-gxx – imdb


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