Fear the Walking Dad because zombies are not threat to anyone this season

Fear the Walking Dad because zombies are not threat to anyone this season
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Well do we need another ”walking dead” title? I mean original series are all over good and everything but this really feels like forced. Well computer gamers will get the idea of taking a beloved franchise and slamming it to the ground.


Pilot is seriously the worst of all pilots i have seen this year. I would settle for the zombie action taking it’s place meanwhile character introductions/development but no. Instead of giving a good spin off they actually wanted to show us their acting cast. Why? no idea. Acting in the pilot is seriously bothering. After what we have seen this year(true detective mainly) it is really behind any kind of expectation. I struggled with myself to watch it to the end because i expected something new or breath taking thing would happen. You know the little details or piece of information would actually make us all excited about the show. But no. Either AMC ran out of ideas these days or they really need a quick cash they haven’t even wait for original series to complete.

Overall bad acting, same plot nothing new on the table, director feels like he wasn’t even in the same studio. I’m fine with expanding the story/universe ideas but this is like same deal different people(worse) different place.


Jeez they made 2nd episode for this nonsense. This show is bad i mean look LA is more than 18 million people right? Atlanta is like more than 5 million people. AND FREAKING ZOMBIES ARE NOWHERE TO BE FOUND. You hated carl? given he was just a child in the comics and show. Take it like this now there is like 5 more Carls in the show but they is a catch. Most of them are YOUNG ADULTS who cant separate what is right whats wrong. Yeah well there is a chubby kid who knows errryyything but nobody listens to him because being chubby is not cool in US uness you are one of the Kardishians.

How hard it is to set up a survival/horror/drama series guys. Do we have to waltz over your scripting offices and type something that actually is entertaining? There is no hope for this show 2nd episode showed me that either 2/3 of the cast have to die next episode or this will be a 10-13 episode lets launder some money from our fanboiz thing. Good god ewww. This world was a better place before capitalism hit 9/11 and everybody ran out of ideas and started to(most likely tried to) expand the comic book universe.


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