Five expensive lessons about life draw after 8 parts of the Harry Potter movie

Five expensive lessons about life draw after 8 parts of the Harry Potter movie
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The sound of the blockbuster movie brought back to the huge box office producer not only to bring viewers interesting, unexpected surprises in the movie. But not stop there that Harry Potter also gives his audience expensive lessons about life. Do you recognize those lessons when watching movies? If you have seen the movie and you still do not realize that expensive lessons for yourself then we learn what these lessons are!

And do not forget to watch the movie to hear and feel more than what the Harry Potter movie wants to convey to your audience:


1.Life is indispensable friendship

If you are a fan of Harry Potter you can not ignore Harry Potter 3 – Ron – Hermione, they are very close friends, wherever they are dangerous, whenever they are standing side by side. together. Beautiful friendship between the three is a proof that in this world you may be short of money, lack of accommodation but can not lack friendship.

2. Relatives can throw away or hate you but friends and teachers still love you

In the movie, Harry is not without a family, he is still living with his aunt and uncle, but you see, they do not look at him as Harry, but just see him as a strange creature that hate. However, this guy is not discouraged because Harry knows that he still has friends and more than his teachers, aunts, uncle and many others still love him.

3. People who are evil even in the depths of their hearts are good

Typically for this type of person is Professor Snape. He is known to be a hard-working professor, with great ambition. Since the beginning of the film, Professor Snape has left a bad impression in the viewer’s eyes. In any part, the actions of this professor also make us suspicious, vigilant. But you can see, deep in the heart, that Snape is truly a man worthy of admiration for the divine love for Lily – his daughter devoted his whole heart.

4. In any war, there are people who sacrifice even honest people

In order to reach the final destination, we have to overcome many hardships and the inevitable is the sacrifice of innocent people. Sirius Black and Dumbledore are the good guys, always in love with Harry who has gone in the fight

5. Justice always wins

And finally, all the difficulties will pass away and the cause will shade the dark, the evil will be punished, the good will come to answer. Harry finally has a peaceful life.


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