The four reasons that Marvel will “forget” the long X-Men and Fantastic Four

The four reasons that Marvel will “forget” the long X-Men and Fantastic Four
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The four reasons that Marvel will “forget” the long X-Men and Fantastic Four

Although the official “home” but perhaps the audience will have to wait a little longer to see the gang of X-Men and Fantastic Four screens together with the movie universe Marvel for the following reasons:

1. The Marvel universe is having too many superheroes to be exploited

When the Infinity War was released, the audience realized the fact that the heroes of the MCU had become so much that the scriptwriters could not think of a script to put all the people in one set. los movie. Many fans have written hashtags such as #JusticeWhereforValkyrie or # JusticeWhereforAntMan on social networks to express their disappointment when seeing their favorite characters have no chance of being invited. the war of infinity.

MCU Stage 4 is also a fertile ground for filmmakers to cultivate a new pillar of heroism, replacing early Avengers like Iron Man or Captain America. We’re going to have dozens of Doctor Strange movies, Spider-Man, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, and even the Black Widow. Remember that the characters were hungry to see them showing off screen power before the sale of the Fox characters was announced, so of course Marvel Studios could not take the lead. “reversed the flag”.

2. If you do not do well, the difficulties from “The X-Men Universe and the Fantastic Four” can spread to the MCU

To be fair, even though the X-Men were the world’s first silver-hereditary superhero, they still had to “take a hat off” in front of the MCU brother in establishing a film system. to each other. The lack of planning for the future of the production team at Fox took seven times seven turns to put the X-Men in a difficult situation, typified by two bombs that possessed serious misadventures of X-Men. : The Last Stand (2006) and X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009).

Beginning in 2011, the First Class Trilogy is produced, including X-Men: First Class (2011), X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014) and X-Men: Apocalypse (2016). The brighter side to Professor Xavier’s mutants. In particular, the details of Wolverine’s timeline in Days of Future Past are the use of the Time Stones in the MCU as they overturn the past, whitewashing all the events of the series. However, there are countless numbers of hotels that can not be resolved, and Deadpool (a character from Fox) has commented, “These timelines are confusing.” (What time line is where the hysterics.)

Followed by the fate of the Fantastic Four. The Fantastic Four (2015) remake is considered a joke because of the negligible changes in the original material selection (comic). As a result, the “Super Quartet” was transformed into a mess of chaos, rampant content and almost the worst superhero movie ever released. Because of this mistake, Fox did not dare to move his pet for nearly three years until the sale to Disney.
Because of these issues, the MCU must consider carefully before thinking of a scenario that allows all superheroes to encounter each other.

3. It’s not easy to put stars together

By merging heroic groups together, the first embarrassment is that the Human Torch (a member capable of turning himself into a Fantastic Four torch) is Captain America later – Chris Evans And more funny is the 2015 remake Human Torch is also a member of MCU: Michael B. Jordan – cousin turns to the throne of the Black Panther, Eric Killmonger. That’s not to mention the X-Men Quicksilver is still alive and healthy looking for his father, and Quicksilver of MCU has been “open” since then.

Next, for some reason, to the First Class Trilogy, Mystique’s character Jennifer Lawrence has become the central character of the series (while in the first version Mystique is simply a bodyguard loyal to Magneto). However, there is a problem that the trio Michael Fassbender (Magneto), James McAvoy (Professor X) and Jennifer Lawrence (Mystique) have stated that they only continue to return to their characters when all three set pen signing film contract. This would also mean that X-Men’s pioneering star would make it difficult for the scriptwriters as well as Marvel Studios’ pocket money to bring the group into their own universe.

What’s more, Hugh Jackman’s farewell to Wolverine character through Logan (2017) is also a pity for Marvel fans as his dream is to see Wolverine fight the Avengers. into a cloud of smoke. And certainly, no one wants to see another face wrapped in the status of the “Werewolf”, for simplicity, nearly 20 years of incarnation of this character has turned Wolverine and Hugh Jackman into a concept. only.

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4. Most importantly, the worldview of the series is different

In the Marvel Movie Universe, the Avengers are a group of people who have special powers and fight off evil men who destroy the world. There, they are loved by the people, respected and praised. Thus, the most serious conflict throughout the MCU is its politics – the clash of a supernatural squad that operates outside the control of the government. More importantly, the scope of the MCU is the whole universe, with entities from distant and strange spheres. Earth is just one important link, not the only one.

In the “X-Men Universe,” the string that connects everything is just the attitude of the person to the mutant. The film’s setting assumes that nuclear catastrophes have altered the genome of a human, leaving only a small part of it to die, evolving into a stronger one. They are invisible, they control the material, they run at super fast speed, and they become “monsters” in the eyes of the powerless. The X-Men universe is also overwhelmingly political with the iconic X-Men: First Class (2011) that reconciled the mutant hypothesis in the context of the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union; But most of all, governments around the world fear the “mutant” will become a disease that kills people. The war of the X-Men does not come from far, they fight the very same community of mutants – with half of them perceived to kill the weak man who always scared us away, and half the desire for ordinary people and mutants can live together.

The above four reasons are just a few of the reasons why MCU does not rush to bring the X-Men or Fanstatic Four into the movie universe. However, art is constantly creating, no one can predict how Kevin Feige prepared for the future of the Marvel children. As long as they own 6 infinity stones and a team of dedicated filmmakers, the day that all Marvel Comics characters “turn to a clue” is only a matter of time.


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