What is the future of Chris Evans after the end of the war?

Chris Evans
What is the future of Chris Evans after the end of the war?
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What is the future of Chris Evans after the end of the war?

Actor Chris Evans is best known for his portrayal of Captain America in the superhero movie series, which stands before the big break after he left the movie industry. Marvel ended his seven-year career with a shield.

Chris Evans

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After six movies of the Marvel universe, Chris Evans finally decided to “wash his hands”, retired from the image of Captain America. The iconic captain of the United States made him no longer appear on the screen, many fans regret, however, the fate of Chris Evans after leaving the Avengers also made the fans stand more quiet.

1. Try out more diverse roles

What an actor most afraid of is a role associated with their names. That is also what Chris Evans feared for his role as Captain America. Referring to Captain America, people imagine the perfect face and Chris’s athletic body.

Not signing more contracts with Marvel Studios opens a new door for Chris Evans so he can freely choose the script and role that suits him, to prove his audience as a real actor, Not only handsome code but also very talented and good at transforming. Chris Evans has shared that he wants to play the villain and try out different types of characters, rather than keep the superhero image of his acting career.

2. Director Chris Evans

Four years ago, Chris was outspoken and ready to give up acting so he could pursue his dream – becoming a Hollywood director. With Before we go as the director and lead actor, Chris Evans has stepped up his studies to become a director, wanting to offer not only theatrical roles but also the beautiful footage. . Maybe Chris fans will not see his handsome face on the screen, but they can still see his name in the movie credits attached to the words “A movie of Chris Evans” star. They are also happy and proud of the growth of idols.

3. Become an amateur painter (or professional?)

Little did anyone know that if he was not in the movie, Chris Evans would have been able to become a painter. Since childhood, Chris has loved art, especially painting. He joked about his passion: “I just thought it was something I wanted to do and it was always what I did.I’m a bit arrogant about art but you know that, the painters only sell They were fighting for millions when they were celestial. ” Having disliked the crowd and had a reputation for fame, painting is likely to be Chris’s choice after putting an end to his role as Captain America.

4. Get the wife to give birth, build the nest

Accept the fact that not only is Captain America still an “old man”, Chris Evans himself is also looking for the other half of his life. The actor born in 1981 repeatedly confessed to the press that he wanted to find the happiness of his life. Therefore, after the achievements in his career, Chris Evans chose to build a home to “retirement” is not too surprised (although this decision will certainly make fan girl crushed heart).

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The match between Chris Evans and comedian Jenny Slate after more than a year so far has raised many questions. The busy schedule of Chris Evans and Jenny Slate’s busy career has made it difficult for them to spend time together. Whatever the future, one thing is certain that to date, Chris Evans has impressed the audience and built a memorable memorial character Captain America in the history of superhero film. . Coming soon, we will once again meet this character in Avengers: Infinity War (Avengers) is set to launch on April 25.


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